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  1. Please Set: Gold Key One Shots (1962-1979) book: Yellow Submarine #nn gold key 2/69
  2. Is it too late to get Chris Evans?
  3. This is what I got at the same show. If I’d known Tom Baker was going to be there before I sent my books I would have found a nice 9.8 book, but I was lucky that I’d sent this one for Simon Myers. Kevlar was so great! He let me keep adding doctor after doctor at the last minute. I was a bit too late for David Tennant, though.
  4. Does anyone have a list of all the ec books that had an ad for Mad #1? thanks!
  5. No worries, it’s all good. Thanks.
  6. Also, the supervisor “agreed” with his words, but he said the only way I could get the $ by signing and resending a pdf saying what I received wasn’t in the “condition” it was when sent. Because there wasn’t enough “evidence” to prove him wrong. He also said it was a one time courtesy. Look, I’m sorry if I did this wrong. I try to do the right thing. I’m just trying to take care of my family and I’m pretty %#^*>#% stressed out right now. Feel free to pm.
  7. Wow. First, he didn’t ask for that listing, that was me trying to be nice. I shouldn’t have even posted this. I’m still trying to be nice, I said anyone could pm me; I’m not interested in some F—-ed up retaliation from someone who could be a psycho for all i know. F this. This has been a s—- week. Sorry I’m such a jerk and “deserve this”. F.
  8. Yeah. I get that. And I thank you for offering to keep a lookout, truly. The book itself has been stolen. There is no doubt. But... I can’t prove who did it. That’s what really sucks. That’s why I said pm me. I’m sorry if it’s not enough; I just don’t want to put someone’s name out for the entire world, but I’m happy to let you know. I’m new to this experience, sorry.
  9. I Feel weird about about posting it publicly, but feel free to pm me. And maybe I’m naive, I probably am, my wife certainly thinks so, but he had 100% good feedback with a LOT of transactions buying and selling. I believe he planned a scam from the beginning, but I don’t KNOW that he did. what if it actually was tampered with as he suggested? It’s extremely unlikely that someone along the line opened it and had a shatner book about nimoy ready to pack in... but... what if I was outing someone who was actually telling the truth? I don’t know. I feel more like an insufficiently_thoughtful_person than anything else. I made a HUGE, stupid mistake. Because a few sellers have done this for me, I made a buy it now auction so he could get it without someone else snapping it up first. It had a silly picture and a vague description. I know. That was stupid. But he had such great feedback that I thought it was a nice thing to do for him. He seemed so excited. So in a way, I almost blame myself... or at least I feel really stupid about it. Luckily, every move I made , and every single detail of what I was selling and what I was going to do was well documented in our eBay messages. That’s probably why they gave me my money back, but I had to go through 4 eBay people to get to a senior supervisor who agreed with me. Part of me wants to find out what really happened but the other part of me just wants to be (expletive) do e with the whole mess. Big lesson learned. As someone else suggested, I’m going to register it in case someone else tries to register it. Im so done with eBay. Most of the people I talked to gave me the worst kind of corporate scripted, “I understand that you are unhappy with the transaction and feel that the buyer scammed you, but...” anyway, rant over. I got the money, but I’m sad that some jerk has a really cool book and got it for nothing.
  10. Yep. I had already withdrawn the funds because I’ve never experienced anything like this before. I ended up with a negative balance in PayPal. It really sucked. After talking to 4 people, I got my money back, but it was like they wouldn’t listen to me when I explained the details and the messages we’d sent back and forth. It was infuriating, but in the end, I got the money back. I did google the guy. He doesn’t have much of an internet presence. There was a picture, but he just looks like some regular guy. What kills me, is that he has 100% positive feedback on eBay after more than 1000 transactions. It’s so crazy, that I still can’t get it out of my head. I feel like I was assaulted. I am DONE selling on eBay.