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  1. I see what you're saying (and I got to say it doesn't surprise me), but in at least one instance I've seen a piece I know they didn't have come up on Clink that they bought really high. It was a cover that was part of a collection that was slowly getting pieced out with several other covers from the same series and artist selling prior. I had actually bought two of the other covers but had no interest in this one, still I was watching the price anyway. Much to my surprise the piece sold for about twice what I was expecting, so it naturally stuck out for me. A couple months later the cover shows up in one of my alerts (can't remember which) and I click on it wondering who the person was that bought it, that's when I saw it was a DB. There was also the time that I was selling a page that I had purchased two years prior on ebay. Again, to my surprise the page sold for 2.5X what I had paid. I was thrilled of course, then I looked at the buyer and saw the name Donnley. As an interesting side note, he took over a week to pay me and ignored several emails I sent saying that I had specified payment was due within three days.
  2. While I find much of what the DB's do confusing, counterintuitive and with regards to "unused covers" outright abhorrent, I've been especially surprised recently with how much they overpay for new art. On occasion I'll see a piece within my areas of focus sell on Click or another auction site for substantially more than what I expected. While this is not an uncommon occurrence in our hobby, I've observed that many times the same piece of art will show up in the DB's CAF shortly there after. Marking up the price of art you got a good deal on is logical, doing the same thing on pieces you (by my estimate) overpaid for does not a seem like a sound business plan.
  3. Though I wouldn't consider it a hobby, original comic book art led me to original comic strip art which in turn led me to collecting numerous reprints of classic comic strips that I otherwise never would have purchased.
  4. Yeah, it looks like the second image has been photoshopped to try and make it look like he has an image of Sienkiewicz working on the art, but I'm guessing it's actually an image of Sienkiewicz working on something else.
  5. Just about anything Infinity Gauntlet related by Lim should do well. I'm going to guess this would go 1.5k-2k, maybe higher. There are people on these boards that are more plugged into the 1990s cosmic Marvel scene than me though (I'm guessing more than a couple have already PM'd you).
  6. Reported as well (for whatever good it will do). As others have said, this guy (krob14) has been pulling shenanigans for a while. Unbelievable that ebay allows him to continue doing this.
  7. Thanks for sharing. I've been a Quitely fan since Offspring, and always enjoy seeing his originals.
  8. As always, thanks for taking the time to scan these and make them available for the rest of us. Very cool stuff.
  9. Well Ryan Reynolds is the new Hugh Jackman, so the sky's the limit!
  10. Yeah, I know. But the nerd in me just couldn't resist .
  11. I'm not a member of clan Mcleod. I also find it funny we're using that as a metaphor since there has kinda been more than one Highlander given the various mythos changes and re-tooling that franchise has gone through ... but I digress. I'm more of a one piece per favorite artist Grail guy. For me there are a handful of pieces - each by a different artist - that are Grails to me. Realistically most of these I'll never own except the one that I'm fortunate enough to have. To me these Grails are the one example I hold above all others, regardless of content, historical significance, value etc. Even if I was offered a more valuable piece by that artist or one that is generally considered more desirable by the collecting community, I'm still keeping that personal Grail (outside of some absurd offer/trade that would be life changing of course).
  12. MGA (More Great Art) just put the Original Art from these pages on ComicArtFans for sale. http://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryDetail.asp?GCat=44376
  13. A bit more information. I pulled out my copy of BBDO #1 and found that the same art is used for BOTH the cover and the first page. This explains the numbering confusion with the covers being marked as page 1 (the first page is basically a synopsis of the characters origins). This being the case I'm sure the plan was to do the same thing for issues 2-4. I also dug up the art in question on the web archive at Spencer Beck's site. It was in the Mark Bagley section. https://web.archive.org/web/20111112013435/http://theartistschoice.com/bagleyan.htm#BBDOULTSPIDEY I think the only outstanding question now is if the art was published. I'm still of the opinion that the project got scraped after the first issue was published, thus the remaining issues were never printed despite being written and illustrated. That's just my guess tough.
  14. If you look at Scott Hanna's art on Spencer Beck's site you'll see that there are 4 issues listed for the BBDO Diversity give aways. Issue 4 was supposed to feature the Avengers, so this was probably meant to be the cover despite the weird numbering. Given all that however, I'm not so sure they ever published past issue 1. I've never personally run across issues 2-4. Here's a link to Hanna's art page http://theartistschoice.com/hannamrvap.htm#BBDO Regarding the cover stock, I wouldn't read too much into that. The BBDO #1 cover looks pretty legit (you can see a scan of it on the page I linked to by clicking on the broken image for the cover to issue 1 if you want) and given that this was a give away comic that was printed at a smaller size than a normal comic, it's understandable that they just used a regular piece of comic art board.
  15. Great work. I've been reporting these with no luck. So glad you were able to get traction on shutting this guy down.
  16. My first Heritage win. This artwork was used for the 1993 Philadelphia Comicfest Program Guide and was drawn by Bart Sears. CAF Page
  17. I got this page by Bart Sears my senior year of college (2000 I believe) off of ebay. It's a pretty modest piece featuring Crimson Fox from Justice League Europe and Bruce Wayne. I chose this mostly because I was a big fan of Bart Sear's work in the early to mid 1990s.
  18. Yeah, I would give it about 10 days and if you don't hear back try again (at least that's what I've done in the past).
  19. You will find a lot of people here (myself included) who have purchased from Spencer Beck, and he is held in high regard. That said, yes it does take him a while to respond to emails some times. So buy with confidence, but also with patience. Spencer has great prices, selection and his annual sale can't be beat.
  20. Picked up an original Dave Lapham page and the transaction went very smoothly. Extremely pleased with purchase, shipping, packaging etc.