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  1. The price is marked down from $1650.00. I was wondering if there was a recent price increase for some unknown reason.
  2. I saw this on ebay. Is $1155.00 really the asking price for this issue???
  3. Indeed. I never thought 48 years would have passed so quickly when it seemed like yesterday this issue came out. It's awesome to see B and C lister characters finally getting their chance to shine.
  4. I just watched a new trailer that was released on 6-24. It looks very good to me. And when/since do guys pass judgment on other guys if they look good or not? Yeah, okay never-mind nearly forgot.
  5. Man that looks immaculate! Can we be friends?
  6. For #15, why not? I've seen plenty wraps out there like that one get a CGC 9.8 grade.
  7. You're only telling us because you intend to share with us right?
  8. In the words of Jim Carey: ALLRIGHTY THEN! Dropped by to see my security deposit sweetheart and took pics out of the bag. Tell me what you think. Now I was in a rush and the book is sitting on top of my computer bag here.
  9. This is absolutely hilarious. It needs to be posted as our official banner over the forum.
  10. I can't believe people out there are actually paying those prices for those books. It's like they're paying dollars $41 instead of thousands 41K.
  11. Thanks! Is 16 even worth anything though in high grade?
  12. Yeah, completely agree. The only way I shell out any money is by trading in books I have to acquire a higher grade. I've got a 9.2 copy and the only way I get a 9.6 is by trading it in to help offset the 9.6 price and then put other books on the table....then MAYBE shell out few bucks. I've got the money to purchase a 9.6 straight up, but now way I would do it at those prices.
  13. Do you have the Iron Fist annual team-up? I've got the MOKU SE #16 as well. I bought it the same time as #15 because of that classic cover battling Midnight!
  14. Man, you guys are just now about to pay? You've been getting a free ride. Texas started paying like two years ago IIRC.
  15. That's what I was going to suggest after the next person decided to pile on after they tagged teamed me and I saw the 2nd guy climbing on the top of the rope. When I get a chance I'll do that and you will stand in sheer awe of it's beauty and glory that none will be able to deny on here.
  16. No they won't change any game because they need our approval first and I say THEE NAY!!! I love that cover!!!
  17. It's like we are living in the twilight zone. I've pinched myself several times and still can't believe it. But the underlying reason is the movie industry right?