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  1. Thank you to boardie Mike22 for #11, the last book I needed to finish off my run of Avengers #1-100. I released said book from it's plastic prison and had a good read. Some of these need an upgrade, which will happen over time. Cheers, Cole
  2. (worship) (worship) (worship) (worship) (worship) (worship) (worship) (worship) :O +1, PM sent
  3. Hi Hector, You know me too well, this is most of my TQ and IG books, but I do have nearly every appearance of the purple guy, even with all the gross variants and cover only appearances. Surprisingly, the Spidey Super Stories book with the Thanos 'copter was one of the hardest to find in high grade. Some might say I have a problem. Cheers, Cole
  4. Hi all, My favorite Infinity book, let me know if you have the lone copy of TQ#2 10.0. I am very interested, also any 9.9 or 10.0 IG books as more get graded. and the rest... Cheers, Cole
  5. Hi boss, Most retail outlets use the following for pricing on MtG: starcitygames.com They have a search engine on site to evaluate cards. As with comics, price varies on condition. Also like comics, lots of drek to wade through VS cards of value, but if she has some of the earlier editions, the cards can be very valuable and an easy flip. Cheers, Cole
  6. Good stuff Ryan! Gonna have it processed for the Expo? Cheers, Cole
  7. +1. Please don't. -J. I say to each their own...but I am hoping to get Stan to sign and personalize my silver KEYS. All are 1.8 except my ST110, which I have a 6.0 and a 2.0 (low grade to be signed). I wouldn't personally get any mid-higher grade books SS, but that's just me. The SS set I plan on never selling though, and want to purchase mid grade copies of each as well. (Still need Avengers 4/TTA 27/Sgt Fury 1 in 1.8 if anyone is selling. Can't believe I missed that Fury 1.8 here last week) Cheers, Cole
  8. My second copy, first is a 6.0 earlier on this thread. Hope to get this one SS. Thanks Ryan (Kimik)!!! Cheers, Cole
  9. This is waiting for me to pick up at the post! Thanks Dave!!! Cheers, Cole
  10. My copy, Thanks Robb!!! If anyone has a copy of the below for sale in 1.8 (blue or yellow), let me know: Sgt Fury 1 Avengers 1, 4 Daredevil 1 Tales to Astonish 27 Strange Tales 110
  11. My copy, Just getting started on the DC silver keys. Thanks Brock (Columbia)!!! Cheers, Cole
  12. Hi all, I'm just going to upload this everywhere relevant. Happy Friday!!! Cheers, Cole
  13. Thanks Ryan, Let's go with A few Silver age Fury's for round two. Last but not least, my nicest raw Nick Fury #1 has a sweet Steranko sig on the splash page. Too bad I managed a to add a tape pull on the back cover...colourful language that night. More to come... Cheers, Cole
  14. I have been known to hoard... Cheers, Cole
  15. Hi all, I am going to start posting my silver Marvel collection as I finish off series. I have a bunch of books to get shots up for, but will start with the good Doctor as my 169 slab came in today. I just love these covers. Glad to have this set put together, need to upgrade a couple of issues and will always be on the lookout for more 169's. More to come... Cheers, Cole
  16. Thank you John for the great book. Arrived as advertised, great packaging and communication, glad to purchase from in the future. Cheers, Cole
  17. Gorgeous books. The them rare gets throw around a lot, but those are deserving in grade.
  18. I love this thread. It actually got me to pull out some of my collection for group shots. I have been picking these up over the last 3 years.
  19. Purchased a FF#1 and JLA lot including B&B#28, JLA#1, etc. Great boardie, no worries. Thanks for the UBER KEYS!!! Cheers, Cole
  20. Picked up a FF 52 8.0 from Hector, beautiful book, easy transaction, great communication and packaging. Thank you again for the book. Cheers, Cole