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  1. I going to try and get into the early screen of the film next week and probably won't be my last time washing it. we gotta show Toho that even their films are massive in the west and not just Japan.
  2. I think their trying to make it look similar to the Peter Jackson movies but also trying to give it their own take. I think have it look similar can help it grab some people outside of the books that only remember the movies.
  3. Yeah, blame most of it to WB for not given Peter Jackson time after losing del Toro. I still think we would have gotten 3 movies but they would have been a whole lot better movies than those CGI heavy movies.
  4. the big problem was AT&T not know what they were doing with WB and their leadership.
  5. it sounds like his going to be WB hero like Bob Iger was for Disney.
  6. very Interesting it could work, if it helps build the world more.
  7. OMG i love the trailer what a great way for them to keep Harold Ramis (Egon Spengler) character alive through his grand kids. happy they didn't show the other 3 Ghostbusters members hope they keep those a surprise for the movie.
  8. i all i know is the Lucas films has a lot of explaining to do with books, comics, and TV within this trilogy. it started with both J.J. Abrams & Lucas Films how they wanted it to start and then Lucas Films drop the ball big time by not setting important threads that needed to be in TLJ(which i like a lot besides the casino part) to move the story forward. i'll watch it on opening night cause i love star wars but i hope it shows us some amazing force powers that we have only seen in TV, Comics, and Books.
  9. would that be the new head guy running DC films and the new WB CEO. but at least Cavill is still superman until they recast the only thing that sucks is we still haven't seen a second film.
  10. man it looks so good. i'm thinking of listening to the books which the show is going to be base of.