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  1. ...and I'll double your (shrug) on what point you are trying to get across. Feels like to me, but I'll just say, From what I got from her original post was that they are trying social media again after they failed before (imho) and they were ignoring that fact. What's to say they won't blow it off again, due to lack of interest, being too busy or even laziness was my original point. For me, maybe not you (you might go to more conventions than me or actually have personal phone numbers), I really know absolutely nothing about the people that work there being as isolated as I am. I'm not asking for family or wedding pictures or really seriously personal stuff, but something hobby-comic related to associate with them before I would consider sharing my "CGC Happy Moments" with them too. Is that more clearer? I'll admit, I always wanted to say "It's Friday Night" on a Friday again though. It's where I felt this thread was going before my post. I'm just saying Brittany had me fooled into thinking this CGC FB page was a new thing. That's all.
  2. Well, let's see..... They could do away with BS fees like submission forms, graders notes, etc. They could make the tiers less expensive. They could make membership free. They could make their submission process easier. They could put graders notes on the back of the label. They could improve their Quality Control. They could be more engaging to the people that buy their product. They could actually get books back to people in their stated TATs, or be open, transparent, and honest when things go wrong. They could pay for return shipping on any defective slabs and offer "heavy discounts" on current and future submissions. They could actually participate in the promotion of this great hobby, like say, by attending the High Grade Collectors' Meeting in Atlanta Sept. 28th and speaking to their customers. Oh, there's much more, but we don't want to overwhelm CGC too much right away. Let's see how long it takes them to get started on these suggestions. Maybe they can be proactive and get it done before someone else comes along and does it.
  3. Inserts joke about TAT's being way longer than should be. We can posts books with "puddling" back cover plastic? Sure, if you can wait a year to get them back from CGC.
  4. Chanos warns of China risk as Alibaba begins trade No 1 risk for investing in Alibaba is Chinese politics Who feels comfortable giving their credit card info to the Chinese?
  5. + 1 Is it worth the cost of shipping overseas? I already have the Maidens.
  6. It's 3 or 4 am over there, why not give him a few hours to respond before trying to void his claim? I don't think there's an issue with the losing a day - it's a good offer for this kind of thread. Because he never officially claimed it. If he was worried about shipping, the appropriate thing to do is pm him ahead of time. You are wrong about losing a day not mattering because it could cause Techvoodoo to get a strike. + 1 + 1
  7. Yeah, I can't see anyone shipping a set of encyclopedias overseas. Just google what you wanna know.
  8. I'll start giving them away elsewhere if no one wants some reading material. I'll keep em up until Wednesday. I have to get some unwanted comics out to give to the kiddies on Halloween. Thanks for reminding me. (thumbs u
  9. There's a new one opening up soon. I think Steve Borock said it would be another month or two.
  10. I never really understood what that icon means. Is it a smirk? Just bumping the thread. Do you always have ..... aww forget it.