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  1. It's like after I finished reading #100 when it first came out, I'm trying to tell myself it didn't happen ?
  2. Out of print/production. Basically looking to find statues that are were sold out In the past
  3. Aside from eBay, what's another good source to purchase OOP statues?
  4. Anybody have any info on when the Wolverine vs Hulk statue is going to come out?
  5. Congrats on the BIGGEST grail!!! Ill see you at the con! Thanks bro, appreciate it
  6. I'm getting married the 22th....So only preview and Thursday for me
  7. Wow I hope you got a killer deal on that because that is def not acceptable
  8. Can they just reboot this? Drop Ezra and bring Grant
  9. What if they are portraying Rick to be a weak and frail man only to surprised his enemies when the moment comes
  10. I just got this one. One of my all time favorite series
  11. Maggie got Lucilled and Glenn will end up being the leader of the hilltop.
  12. Maggie looked like she was dying anyways. Might as well put her out of her misery.
  13. I actually enjoyed it. Nothing amazing but both my girl and myself were entertained
  14. Did anyone pre order the Star Fox Arwing? I preorder mine from F4F and just recently I saw Sideshow is going to be distributing it as well