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  1. UPDATED LIST FOR REFRENCE: AMAZING ADVENTURES lot-$75 POPKULTURE ASM 15c lot-$240 CHANGER ASM 20c lot #1-$160 POPKULTURE ASM 20c lot #2-$160 POPKULTURE ASM 25c lot #1-$260 CHANGER ASM 25c lot #2-$165 POPKULTURE ASM 30c lot-$110 GRUSON ASM 35c run-$130 GRUSON ASM 40c lot-$115 CHANGER ASM 50c run-$115 GRUSON ASM 60c run-$250 GRUSON ASM ANNUAL lot-$130 POPKULTURE AST TALES lot-$35 JOE_FISH AVENGERS 15c lot-$110 JOE_FISH AVENGERS 20c lot-$115 POPKULTURE AVENGERS 25c lot-$135 to Djohnson321 AVENGERS 30/35c lot-$90 to batcollector CAPTAIN AMERICA 15c lot-$115 to Djohnson321 CAPTAIN AMERICA 20c lot-$125 to Oceans11 CAPTAIN AMERICA 25c lot-$90 to batcollector CAPTAIN AMERICA 30/35c lot-$75 to batcollector CAPTAIN MARVEL lot-$75 to davet75 The CAT 1-3 lot-$40 to batcollector CHAMPIONS lot-$55 to SkOw DAREDEVIL 15c lot-$50 to podochigae DAREDEVIL 20c lot-$85 to Eddragon DAREDEVIL 30/35c lot-$40 to davet75 DEFENDERS lot-$125 to Eddragon FF 15c lot-$145 to Eddragon FF 20c lot-$150 to batcollector FF 25c lot-$125 to Eddragon FF 30c lot-$50 to Eddragon FF 35c lot-$45 to Eddragon X-Men lot-$275 to lucjan WWBN 20c lot-$130 to Eddragon WWBN 25 and 30c lot-$175 to Eddragon WARLOCK lot-$70 to Eddragon TOMB OF DRACULA lot-$275 to Eddragon THOR 15c lot-$130 to Eddragon THOR 20c lot-$85 to Eddragon THOR 30/35c lot-$40 to batcollector SUBMARINER 15c lot-$115 to batcollector SUBMARINER 20c lot-$70 to batcollector STRANGE TALES lot-$55 to AmazingComics413 SPIDERWOMAN lot-$55 to AmazingComics413 SPECTACULAR SPIDEY lot-$140 to batcollector SPECIAL MARVEL EDITION 16-$55 to Pontoon SON OF SATAN lot-$30 to AmazingComics413 SILVER SURFER lot-$100 to batcollector MARVEL MISC lot-$30 to AmazingComics413 MARVEL TWO IN ONE lot-$60 to AmazingComics 413 MARVEL TEAM UP 20c lot-$130 to batcollector MARVEL TEAM UP 25c lot-$90 to batcollector MARVEL TEAM UP 30/35c lot-$75 to batcollector MARVEL SPOTLIGHT lot-$300 to batcollector RANDO MARVEL ANNUAL lot #2-$100 to SkOw RANDO MARVEL ANNUAL lot#1-$80 to batcollector MARVEL PREMIERE lot-$50 to Eddragon MARVEL FEATURE lot-$50 to batcollector ZA-ZAR and MAN-THING lot-$45 to bb8 JUNGLE ACTION lot-$35 to davet75 35c IRON MAN lot-$65 to bb8 30c IRON MAN lot-$40 to stynxno 25c IRON MAN lot-$85 to davet75 20c IRON MAN lot-$80 to batcollector 15c IRON MAN lot-$175 to davet75 INHUMANS AND INVADERS lot-$45 to Eddragon 20c INCREDIBLE HULK lot-$90 to batcollector 15c INCREDIBLE HULK lot-$175 to Eddragon HERO FOR HIRE lot-$90 to davet75 30/35c GHOST RIDER lot-$85 to Eddragon 20/25c GHOST RIDER lot-$140 to batcollector ALL SPIDEY GIANT SIZE lot-$115 to Eddragon GIANT SIZE lot #1-$80 to Eddragon FRANKENSTEIN lot-$75 to cujobyte FEAR lot-$120 to batcollector
  2. Everybody- THANK YOU. Had a blast moving these books, and I think you’ll all be happy with them. These had been around here for a while. I certainly didn’t LOSE any bucks on these books, but I’m very happy that i could pass along some solid deals for the folks here on the boards. I’ll get totals together in the next 24 hours or so, and the packing process will start as soon as payments are received.
  3. And FINALLY...........RANDO MARVEL ANNUAL lot #2. Includes the following annuals: Avengers 4,5,6,8; Cap A 2,3,4; DD 2,3; Defenders 1; Thor 3,4; Submariner 2, and Marvel Two in One 1,2. A few have light sub creases. Average grade 5.5. The 2 in 1 #2 is probably @6.5. $100.
  4. RANDO MARVEL ANNUAL lot#1. Includes MTU Annual 1; FF Annuals 8,9,11,12,13; Hulk 3,4; Invaders 1; Iron Man 2,3,4. Nice books. Average grade 6.0. Maybe a little nicer. $80.
  5. MARVEL FEATURE lot. 5 different between 6-12. Average grade 6.0. 11+12 are nicer than the earlier books. $50.
  6. KA-ZAR and MAN-THING lot. includes aka-Zar 1+2; Man Thing 1,2,4. Ka-Zar books have light sub creases. Average grade @6.0. $45.
  7. IRON MAN 35c lot. 15 different between 104-121. Average grade @7.0. The 118 is a real nice book. Cant find photos for whatever reason. $65.
  8. IRON MAN 25c lot. 19 different between 68-88. 8 books have very light sub creases. Very clean lot of books. $85.
  9. IRON MAN 20c lot. 16 different between 44-67. Most have very light sub creases. Average grade is 5.5, but outside of the sub creases, the books are very nice. $80.
  10. IRON MAN 15c lot. 18 different between 17-43. A few have light sub creases, but over all the lot is very sharp. Average grade is @6.0-6.5. $175.
  11. Glad to hear they arrived safely. I take a lot of pride in my packing, so I appreciate that feedback as well.
  12. INHUMANS AND INVADERS lot. Include Inhumans 11+12, and Invaders 13 different from 7-35. Average grade 6.0. $45.
  13. INCREDIBLE HULK 20c lot. 18 different 148-174. Most have light sub creases. Average grade 5.0-5.5. $90.
  14. INCREDIBLE HULK 15c lot. 18 different between 119-145. Most have sub creases, which brings the overall grade down, BUT.....the 141 is really nice, probably around 7.5. Overall average grade 5.0. $175.
  15. GHOST RIDER 20c lot. 13 different between 2 and 19. Overall average is 6.0-6.5. The #2 is the nicest book in the bunch. $140.
  16. GIANT SIZE lot #2. ALL SPIDEY! Includes GS Spiderman 1-6 and GS Super-Heroes 1. Average grade 6.0-6.5. $115.
  17. GIANT SIZE lot #1. Includes GS AVENGERS 1,3,4; GS Cap A 1; GS FF 2,3,5; GS Iron Man 1; GS Super Stars 1 (FF), and GS Werewolf 2,3,5. Average grade 6.0-6.5. $80
  18. Frankenstein lot. 11 different from 1-18. 1 is a 6.5 OW CGC breakout. A few books have light sub creases. Average grade 5.5-6.0. $75.