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  1. These arrived just before Christmas...From JSC signing (obviously).
  2. Zatanna #11 (2011) CGC SS 9.6 Adam Hughes - CLOSED
  3. Justice League of America (2006, 2nd Series) #6B (1:10 Hughes Variant) CGC SS 9.4 (thought it would be higher) - Closed
  4. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800 CGC SS 9.8 ADAM HUGHES EXCLUSIVE MARY JANE COVER A, B, C & D SET - CLOSED Will consider breaking up the set if no sale by Sunday. Any questions, please ask.
  5. Hello Long time member but it has been awhile since I have posted anything for sale here on the boards, so figured I'd dip my toes back in the water. Up for sale is the complete AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800 CGC SS 9.8 ADAM HUGHES EXCLUSIVE COVER A, B, C & D SET - And now a few other AH! CGC SS books! - Moving to other selling venue. First in thread gets the book (or books). For the ASM #800 set, shipping will be via Canada Post, insured and tracked. $35 for USA and $25 within Canada. International, please inquire. Single slabs will be $20 USD to USA and $15 USD within Canada. International, please inquire. Note: will combine shipping if necessary and provide quotes. Preferred payment is via PayPal, in USD funds. If Canadian, may consider e-Transfer. Open to reasonable offers. Scans are of actual books and cases/slabs are in excellent condition. PM with any other questions or requests, etc. Payment is expected within 48 Hours. If payment may take longer, please advise prior to purchase. No returns on CGC books. No Probies or HoS members. Like I said, it has been awhile since I have posted things for sale, I have a kudo's thread somewhere but plenty of references available . I may add other items to the thread but for now, just start with the one.
  6. Same here. I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt but in my mind, easy to see why this bombed. 1. Ezra Miller. Even before his "shenanigan's" I found him to be very annoying in almost all of his movie roles. Worst casting in the Snyderverse. And we had "two" of him for most of the film. 2. Crappy effects and the baby scene. Honestly, that part almost made me want to stop right then and there. I know they were going for a neat way to show just how fast he is, but X-Men did it way better with better effects...The baby scene was just...Stupid. Oh and so was the "calorie counter" on his suit and watching him stuff his face. Played for jokes but wasn't funny. 3. They made Michael Keaton's Batman a joke at the beginning, some weirdo recluse with no background as to how he came to be that way. They give Nic Cage a primo cameo and nothing for Cavil? Disrespectful. 4. The story had some originality to it, but it was another super hero origin story with a dead parent angle. Too bad they didn't tie it somehow into the "Injustice" vision that Snyder had instead of what we got...But obviously couldn't do that without Cavil. 5. Throughout the whole film, you know that the story doesn't "matter". I know you could say that about lots of movies but a movie "built" on interconnectedness to a "dead" franchise, diminishes the investment in the character and story. Anyway, at best it was another average super hero movie with an unlikeable actor. Not even Michael Keaton could save it. ...I did however, again, like Affleck as Batman...Shame he won't get a solo flick as the caped crusader.
  7. BP was also significantly different film as well, it was not just about the character of Black Panther, but it was also about showcasing an entire African civilization (with advanced technology) being portrayed, not just another youth (who happens to be Hispanic) getting super powers. The origin, story, marketing, etc., all completely different. At end of day for Blue Beetle, does race have anything to do with it? Or was it just another average super hero entry that just failed to grab the general public's attention in the shadow of the former DC movie-verse?
  8. Minor issue compared to other things posted here but even though I noted it on submission form, CGC did not include this as a Newsstand on the label. Qualify for ME? Even if it does, I probably won't send back...Just curious for now.
  9. Oh, I agree...I'd prefer it for the spotlight to just be on Tobey's Spidey. I am just saying it would be a WAY to do it (Introduce Spider-Gwen and Miles into live action) and if anyone could make a menacing Morlun, Raimi would be a good fit. As far as villains, yes, definitely could use a proper Scorpion as one of the classic villains not yet used. Kraven could have been cool choice too, but...While derivative of Green Goblin, I could even see a proper Hobgoblin being a good choice. Heck, maybe even the Chameleon. Point being, still lots of Spidey lore for Raimi to mine :).
  10. I would honestly love it if they did a Spider-Man 4...I think audiences would definitely show up to movie theatres to see a Raimi/McGuire Spidey 4. There are still several untapped conventional and unconventional villains they could use too. Have an older Spidey with MJ, maybe add a child element...Or, introduce Morlun (Raimi could make him pretty freaky, I suspect), launch a live action Spider-Verse movie, intro live action Spider-Gwen and Miles, have Tobey be the "elder statesman"...Anyway, suffice to say, I think they still have ample material they could mine for a solid Raimi/Tobey Spidey 4.
  11. Hello! Just a friendly announcement that I (more_fun_comics on eBay) have a modern Star Wars themed auction up and running, ending on Monday. STAR WARS KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC (2008) #25 CGC 9.8! FIRST CELESTE MORNE! | eBay Other items up as well as BIN with Best Offer available. Yes, I do combine shipping. Any questions, just ask. Thanks for looking!
  12. For the my most recent submission, the corners of the cases of 2 books were smashed upon arrival. CS was notified pretty much immediately and after a bit of confusion, I was provided with a return shipping label being from Canada. Form completed and shipped the books back promptly. Appeared in my submission tracker today and this evening my credit charge was charged $80 USD. Is this an accounting/classification error? I thought the ME should be all at CGC's expense? I can provide submission #, etc.
  13. Question for @CGC Mike For the my most recent submission, the corners of the cases of 2 books were smashed upon arrival. CS was notified and they provided a return shipping label being from Canada. Form completed and shipped the books back promptly. Appeared in my submission tracker today and this evening my cc was charged $80 USD. What gives? Is this an accounting error? I thought the ME should be all at CGC's expense? Thanks!
  14. I'm going to try to start posting a bit more regularly...Here are some other books back, all FS except the ASM 102. Results mixed. Some a little higher than expected Some a little lower but overall pleased. Sales will continue to be primarily driven through eBay but I still do have the odd local customer buy and a rare buy from Instagram.
  15. Books back from CGC the Ghost Rider 1 has already sold to a local customer. Not bad for less than total $50 spend!
  16. Hello, Large Star Wars themed auction up - Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and Legacy. A few others as well and a bunch of books with BIN or Best Offer. Thanks for looking! https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?item=374587785904&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.m3561.l2562&_ssn=more_fun_comics
  17. Full disclosure cross post with my journal entry, but... A local used bookstore had recently advertised they had comics on their Facebook page. I couldn't make it of course. I was off yesterday so I figured can't hurt to look for any scraps other local flippers may have missed. I don't know if the store got more books or if the other flippers just didn't know where to look (store bit of a mess) but I walked away with the books below, at about half off after using some of my store credit. ...Just proves books are out there (albeit rarer and rarer), it pays to hunt and good luck can happen.
  18. Some close ups of books...All books inspected and complete...Off to my local presser and cleaner. Not a bad $50 score!
  19. I realize I have not posted in awhile and I have had some nice subs come in but really, I'm still not doing any shows for the foreseeable future due to variety of factors and how exciting is it to read about ebay or other sales right? Well, this week I finally have something interesting to report in the old journal. A local used bookstore advertised they got some comics in on Facebook. Of course, I could not get there and some local flippers got there first. I was off yesterday, so decided, what the heck, let's see if there are any scraps left over. Turns out, I was right to trust my Spidey sense, they got some more stuff in or the other vultures simply didn't know where to look. Here's the haul...Stickers/prices are what I paid...But subtracted from my store credit from previous book donations. I ended up paying around $50 CAD. This will likely be my best find and return of 2023!
  20. As a casual DC fan, this isn't exactly renewing my faith that they can right the ship. I find the announcements pretty underwhelming. I think the only thing I am really looking forward to is Swamp Thing with hopes it leads to JL Dark. I also don't know why they could not have done a "soft reboot" and kept all the main players, just improved the stories and direction and added new characters to the mix like GL and Martian Manhunter.
  21. Continue to sell and save for an AF #15, ASM #1 and complete my ASM run to present. I was pretty disciplined in 2022 so the I'm getting closer to that AF #15, it will be low grade of course, but it's within realm of possibility now. MAYBE get a lesser key or a few ASM run books I need to scratch the collecting itch but not put too big a dent in the warchest.