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    I waited all these years for a custom title. Finally, I huffed and I puffed, and one appeared. It gave me the feeling of bowling a perfect game, and I didn't have to blow anything over!

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  1. I have a poster which I don't want, but it contains a signature which I do want. How do I go about creating a cut signature from the item to be verified? Do I simply cut it out myself and submit it to JSA?
  2. They should done a series about Vader (just after RotS) or Yoda (a couple hundred years prior to ESB). Either would've been far more interesting if done right.
  3. I remember being puzzled and POd when I saw how it ended. Now I see how brilliant it was because we are still talking about it years later.
  4. Just watched ep 3 and it went from to . Not sure if I'll continue watching, maybe if baby Yoda shows up, maybe...
  5. This re-hash of a movie was probably done as a money grab for the present generation who might see the original as an old classic and want a refreshed version. I really hope there is something new here, but I have my doubts as well.
  6. This breakdown is more interesting than the episode was..
  7. She was a main reason for my wanting to watch, so this made me unhappy. That said, I will continue watching even though the show is basically up to this point.
  8. Funny you should ask as Watchmojo just did a Top 20 of this:
  9. Sent in five "testers", happy with what I am getting back:
  10. Good deal and transaction!