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  1. The problem is they have only one annual listed, most of the Super Annuals are just listed with the regular books.
  2. Thanks for the info, as both labels have the exact same info.
  3. Nevermind, another quality control issue, the second one should say Annual # 15
  4. I just noticed CGC gave both of these the same title, now i know they have the same characters, but not the same cover.
  5. Just back from CGC, this Terminator 1 was an 8.5, pressed after Linda Hamilton. I thought the 8.5 was a mistake in the first place.
  6. My contribution , not Nintendo Power, but...
  7. Yes it was, don't remember which one, maybe a Great Eastern.
  8. These are back from CGC, and i have a question, should these books have more information on them? I find it extremely weird in the age of information that CGC could only put the cover artists on the label. It seems kind of lazy to me, just my opinion.
  9. Here is a huge chunk of rest of my submission, all mid grade with foxing on the back. A bunch had to be sent back as they had cracks or no information on what is inside the book.
  10. Oh i forgot one, Pop 3 , second highest graded!
  11. Haven't posted in here in a while, did a signing at his house last year. Wicked Con this year we did a private signing, so happy he will be in NYC this year, it's been about 8 years.
  12. I don't believe you will ever see that again.
  13. Dmac538 Flash Sale 10% Sale on anything $50 and above, good to 12/28 Coupon Code: DMACFLASHSALE
  14. Haven't posted here in a while, especially when it takes a year to books get back to you.
  15. The first two back, more to come, Sandman signed by actor Tom Sturridge.
  16. Part of the problem with this was, Peach's husband really didn't strongly do anything. He never asked for security or anything, so the show promoter stepped in to set up parameters, and Con Helpers. On Sunday i talked with Peach and her husband to offer them the spot Jim Lee was in, it was curtained controlled environment with ropes outside so people would not block other exhibitors. Eventually they decided to stay , but without signings and remarques, some of the crowd went away. In the end, they only did huge sketches for attendees, which people were happy with.