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  1. Name: Tristan Daniel Esteph Ebay user: rage-joh . His ebay store is called : Tristan´s Comics Galore Won two auction and didn´t paid . He sent me a message after Ebay cancelled the order telling me that he was going to pay monday. I relisted the items, today is tuesday and still no payment so i just added this user to my blocked list Someone at IG told me that this user is know for bad behavior
  2. The very last reduction , i can´t do better $2000 + shipping
  3. ASM 7 CGC 8.0 Off White to White Pages - Old slab with some newton rings and scratches Acrual GPA $2422 Asking $2300 + shipping now reduced to $2200 + shipping Now reduced to $2100 + shipping Now $2000 + shipping
  4. Selling a slab today I ship from Mexico to USA and Canada Via UPS $35 Rules No shady people No Returns Payment can be made Wire (wise) or Paypal I can wait max 2 days for payment
  5. The only way Ebay can survive is with the collectible/sport cards business.
  6. I ask because most of these cards are smaller than the American because of poor control quality during the cutting. Do you still grade them even if they are smaller than 3.5" x 2.5" ?
  7. The Online Submission Form is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience. Your order data will not be deleted. Please check back later to finish and submit your order.
  8. I don't keep the cards at the PSA vault , i send them for weekly auction to Goldin. The cards i want for my PC are shipped back to me.
  9. Blue Bolt 109 Mexican Edition - Historietas #591 printed 1962 VG+ not pressed yet $200 + shipping
  10. TEC 122 CGC 3.0 White Pages , presents well $3500 + shipping , Price is Firm
  11. Selling a slab today I ship from Mexico to USA via UPS to USA $35 Raw cost $20 (Fedex) No shady people or people from bad lists No returns Payment via Paypal or Wise (preffered) I can wait max 2 days for payment
  12. Sorry I think it was just me , i am texting from Mexico so it was something about my mobile plan.
  13. My submission is : 4385471. thank you for the reply!
  14. My experience with CGC has been bad this year. My vintage fast track submission arrived January 26 at CGC and it wasn´t opened until February 13 (13 business days) . My submission is now at "scheduled for grading" and hasn´t moved since (28 business days) = 41 business days since my book were received at CGC. Contacted customer a few times , last answer from them was March 13 : "Thank you for your patience. The grading team has advised that grading should be completed today and apologized for the delay. They are experiencing a minor backlog but this submission will be completed soon. Once these are graded the books will take a few more days to encapsulate, but they will be moved through the rest of the process as soon as possible" Today is March 22 and the status of my submission right now continues to be "schedulled for grading" so i am not sure they have even started working with my submission or maybe the status in submission is not working? I sent a mail yesterday and i still don´t have an answer , i messaged customer care and they are not helping at all: This was their answer today: "I was able to check on the status of your order Our team is currently working on this. We do not anticipate this to take much longer" . Thats a fabricated answer to clam down a customer. They are not doing anything at all thats why my books are still sheduled for grading since february 13 . In fact i believe that customer care hasn´t even contacted the grading team. @CGC Mike can you please help ?
  15. Selling a slab Shipping $35 from Mexico to USA using UPS Rules No shady people or people from bad lists No returns Payment must be made via Paypal or Wise I can wait max two days for payment
  16. Blue Bolt 105 CGC 7.0 Only 2 copies in Census , this is the top grade $3,650 + shipping