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  1. Literally the entire hobby has dropped 50%+ in the nearly 3 years since that thread was created and yet, for some reason , that book is still living in your head rent free. Weird. -J.
  2. Claiming that this movie had "no marketing budget" to excuse its 150M money losing run is prima facia, ridiculous fanboi cope. This movie is a catastrophic failure, only exceeded by the marvels which was one of the biggest money losing flops not only just for the "mcu" or "Disney" but all of cinema. Right along with the Flash for the WB. This movie is "only" as disastrous as black adam was which itself was awful enough to bring down an entire studio and franchise of movies. And Yes Aquaturd had AT LEAST a 100M worldwide marketing expense, and FYI, "marketing" is more than just billboards and TV spots. -J.
  3. Even if it was legit , this list has never included second, third , etc prints. -J.
  4. From comic link last night. Couple more sales like this and that Spawn 185 book might very well be the (distant) #2 book. -J.
  5. This is on the first post on this thread from 7 years ago: "All closed sales used are public information (meaning I did not count private sales even if I personally knew them to be valid)." it's not necessary for people to say they are talking about public sales in every post, that is and has always been what's discussed here. -J.
  6. This cartoon was obviously very profitable for Sony, even if that 100M budget seems dubious at best, but , much like the first cartoon, that international split is soft. As well as it ended up doing - about 100M more than I thought it would- it "should" have made about another 200M more internationally than it did, based on the typical superhero domestic/international split, or about 890M worldwide (see, for example, GOTG 3). -J.
  7. Good for you. I also know of many "private sales" of many books on this list and those have never been counted on this list either. Why ? Because anybody can claim anything happened "privately". So only public sales are used. -J.
  8. Yes that's way more than I would expect. Maybe this sale will suss some more out. The fact that a 9.0 sold for only 2k less also tells me there is some price compression in grades for this book. Like I've said before, sometimes a book can be TOO rare. -J.
  9. There's also much less of an audience for Spawn than ASM or a UF 4. I'm not convinced a 9.8 copy would sell for more than 40k or even 30k. I agree the rarity works against it , but this list has always been based on actual sales and not hypothetical ones. -J
  10. That's obviously a strong price but this book would have to beat 40K more than once to displace the 667 or the uf 4 even for the distant #2 spot. And even though the uf 4 variant has dropped way down to 19k in a 9.8 that's still more than anything this book has ever sold for in any grade. If I were to update the list now this sale would get it to #3 based on the original criteria. -J.
  11. No you didn't. Bleeding cool's "misinterpretation"‐ https://bleedingcool.com/comics/amazing-spider-man-667-gabrielle-dellotto-variant-sells-for-33600/ Heritage Auction's "misinterpretation"‐ https://comics.ha.com/itm/modern-age-1980-present-/superhero/the-amazing-spider-man-667-dell-otto-variant-cover-marvel-2011-cgc-nm-mt-98-white-pages/a/7274-91010.s?ic4=ListView-Thumbnail-071515 Recalled comcs "misinterpretation"‐ https://recalledcomics.com/AmazingSpider-Man667DellOtto.php Go collects "misinterpretation"‐ https://blog.gocollect.com/newly-released-mystery-packs-a-chance-to-pull-a-rare-spider-man-variant/ Isn't 12 years of you whining about this book enough? Cope. -J.
  12. Half the case pack being filled with error/damaged copies is indeed a rumor. There has, however, been multiple anecdotal accounts from dealers and those who have seen multiple copies over the years supporting it. Meaning it wasn't just pulled out of thin air. -J.
  13. You're more than welcome to ignore this thread. ...or cope. .PS: Im not on Facebook. -J.
  14. Yeah. Because me" lying" to a few strangely preoccupied randos on the CGC boards is the only reason why it's a 40 thousand dollar book. -J.
  15. The thing about closure is knowing when to let gooooooo. -J.
  16. Trjgger warning- "No hard evidence" other than information directly from the marvel liaison st Diamond distributors.. Cope harder. -J.
  17. Except... not. Cope harder. Just need to hear from valiantman now to complete my "triggered over ASM 667 Dell'otto" bingo card. You people just cant help yourselves. -J.
  18. Are you starting to feel triggered by this book again ? -J.
  19. The damaged copies is a rumor that's been floated for more than a decade now. On other boards dealers said they received damaged copies and sent them back for returns but no replacements were sent out they just got a credit on their account. The damage is almost always streaks on the back cover or a chewed up spine and they were delivered by Diamond that way. Like I said I've never seen one with ink transfer on interior pages like this one. -J.
  20. They definitely flip through every page. At least, they're supposed to lol. They count them and look for tears. You'd have to be blind to not see that. If it's not a "common" production issue on this book (I've never seen this one before, I've just seen back cover damage on this book), I think it would be a green label. I think.... Of course the other alternative is that a completist looking to fill a hole.bougjt it and has no intention of ever getting it graded so he doesn't care about the defect. From the outside it looks like a great copy. -J.
  21. That's a production defect. The ink on that dark page hadn't dried yet and transferred to the opposite page. That's a bummer. Lots of damaged /error copies of this book out there. Maybee up to half of the 200 copies printed. Does CGC even factor something like that into the grade though? Does it get a green label ? CGC will.definitely scrutinize this book, assuming it even gets submitted. I presume the defect is why it never was in the first place. I'd probably just put it in a nice full back and leave it raw. -J.
  22. Haven't seen a raw Dell'otto 667 put up for sale in several years.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/166197863615?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=p6dgrWJmTKi&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=k58CbSsBT0e&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY -J.
  23. Yeah I thought selling 3 9.8's in one auction was nuts. Each copy went for less than the last. The CBCS copy was the last one. Indeed GPA won't pick it up but go collect will and it will also be a part of heritages archived sales now. The sale doesn't drop into a black hole. -J.