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  1. Josh Medors was going to be one of the best. Cancer took him in 2012 at 36. I was fortunate enough to get a couple of commissions from him, including one that inspired the poster for the 2013 Cincinnati Comics Expo. I still have his original drawing; it's on the wall behind me as I type this.
  2. Thank you all SO MUCH for the helpful advice! I really do appreciate it. Everyone here seems to be in agreement, so I'm going to stick with what you've all advised. I do like the idea of selling both and getting a blue AF15, though... But until my own artwork sales recover from the Covid buying dip, I'm kinda stuck having to let go of some stuff I wanted to keep. I think it'll be the Hulk 181.
  3. Yeah, because everyone knows what a Hulk 191 9.4 looks like. The AF15, however, is shown because the restoration notes would contribute important information.
  4. I have these two books, and I'm sentimental about both of them, but it's time to pay some bills and do some traveling. I can gauge the FMV of the Hulk book by recent sales, ($18,000 at HA, and still climbing), but the AF15 is trickier because of the restored grade. I have no idea what its FMV would be, and whether it has the same, better, or lower future investment potential. In your opinions, which is the "sell now" book, and which is the "hang on to it" book? Any advice on what the FMV might be for the AF15? Thanks everyone!
  5. You guys ruined my productivity! I haven't been on the boards for a while, and I just found this topic. So I've spent all day reading it from page 1! At this point, I feel like I know you all, and yet I still love this thread anyway.
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/185437549801 I'm so reluctant to part with this because Maleev is one of my favorites and I'll never have a chance to own something like this again, but it's time to pay some bills.
  7. Could I ask what you all think the FMV would be for this one? I honestly have no idea how the resto would factor in to the value.
  8. Longtime forum member with good record of transactions; Im offering Walking Dead #1, 9.8, for less than current selling average. $2000 includes shipping with insurance, packed correctly for safe arrival, and friendly business conduct. Cash app, payment by mail, bitcoin; paypal if necessary (but I hate their fees). Thanks everyone!
  9. $8900, including USA shipping. Book will be packaged correctly for safe arrival, and will be insured with signature confirmation. You will receive the book within a week, via USPS Priority. Payment by check, money order, cash app, or bitcoin. (I'd rather avoid paypal; there's no reason to lose a chunk of fees) Thanks for looking!
  10. I've got some more of mine to share! I do pencil and oil painting art.
  11. I don't have a picture of the Hulk book at the moment, but here's the Avengers, just from an iphone photo:
  12. I've got both, Avengers #1 7.5 and Hulk 181 9.4. I need some quick money, and both of those seem to go for around $9k. If it was up to you, which would you part with, and which would you keep?