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  1. Exactly ... or pooch a nice AF15 .. drops a few grades because of their slab... who's paying for that ? I'm starting to think the folks on here that prefer raw books in mylars have the right idea ...
  2. Even more fun if it's a high grade book ... hulk 181 or something .. books might be better off in a Mylar ..
  3. ASM 252 VF- no probs or hos Payment- PayPal usd Shipping - $10 returns - 7 days after received ASM 252 VF - Creases could be pressed out sold **
  4. eBay/Auctiva is busted ... need to sell some books !!! pull some .. re grade ...get 9.8s from graders In a rush to get home ..and sell to the same guy who thought he had a book at a decent price but now needs to buy at a higher price and get 10% off ...
  5. he'll get first crack at it when it comes back a 9.8 it prob will ... even if grader is in a rush to get home .. and if the grader isn't in Rush to get home it might get a 9.9 .. then he saves 10% off a $1000 book ...or 10% off whatever a 9.9 is worth