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  1. More of your thinly veiled insults at posters in this forum but then at the same time you go and cry to admin that you’re being attacked and want Mike to crack down on “contentious posts”. If this forum is so bad then why come in here? (that was a rhetorical question, I am not at all interested in your answer to that fyi)
  2. If you’re not listening to the All The Right Movies podcast you are absolutely missing out! These guys do a fantastic job with deep dives into a films cast, crew, production, plot etc. They dropped an episode last week on Die Hard, one of my favorite Christmas movies! 🎅🏼
  3. The Depp/ Heard trial is a false equivalency, he didn’t have multiple people coming forward with stories (unless I missed it, which I may have) And I don’t have any first-hand info to say whether he’s guilty or no, what I said is more often than not, which is a pretty fair statement. Not to mention he’s got a track record that is starting to emerge including his talent or PR agency (I can’t remember which).
  4. More often than not where there’s smoke, there’s fire.
  5. This cannot be overstated. Without Bosco’s very reliable effort in this forum it would be a far less engaging sub. Look at the ‘Latest movie you’ve watched’ thread and it’s not even a shadow of this space. Personally I think he should at the very least enjoy a free CGC membership.
  6. So sad to see this. Hope his family is doing as best they can.
  7. This is from a guy I follow on X, makes custom figures.
  8. Actually my bad, I misunderstood what he meant about the spider/ end of universe. This is what happens when you go on a message board after Turkey dinner, IPAs and bourbon 🥃
  9. What a loss. Imo, the best character portrayal on Ahsoka.
  10. Well…he definitely can’t get anyone to confess.
  11. Rewatched Joker this past weekend and that really got me looking forward to seeing Napoleon. JP is definitely one of the best actors of our time.
  12. How about “The Marvels Thread Where We Don’t Talk About Ourselves”?