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  1. Again, I don’t see what that has to do with anything. I wasn’t using my PayPal account and PayPal would not tell me the reason why they cancelled my account. They froze $6k and threatened to hold it for 6 months. These were funds from selling statues using goods and services. Luckily I was able to get the money back by refunding my buyers and having them send through other means. What really blows my mind throughout this ordeal is the small amount of collectors who side with the big corporations instead of their peers. It’s really mind blowing.
  2. No, it’s not a yes. Nobody is forced to do anything. If they didnt agree to the terms, they don’t have to buy.
  3. Lmao at “forced” people. Yea we held guns to their heads and “forced” them. Again, people love to bring up friends and family, yet this was NEVER mentioned during the conversations with PayPal. Don’t you see sales via YouTube auctions and InstaGram sales where they ask people to use f/f? I see it all the time to this day.
  4. So many things wrong with this statement. 1. My raffles weren’t overpriced. I ran books for dealers at the GPA high and got them the 90 day avg. The difference was my fee. 2. When I did run raffles, which I don’t do anymore, the money wasn’t sent to my PayPal, it was sent to the dealers who’s books were being ran. 3. The point of the video was that PayPal would not tell me the reason why they banned my account. They never said it was due to “abusing friends and family.” If you scroll through comments of that video, I’m BY FAR, not the only one who this has happened to. Boycott me? For what? Does that mean my comic book and statue reviews are worthless now? Not that I’m worried that your little post would cause any affect to me. I just happened to log on here and see a notification that I was mentioned.
  5. We just report on the sales. The only reason we talk about a book is because someone bought it. I have seen the same person winning MP95 auctions. Looks like someone is investing serious money on a low census book. it’s hard to argue MP95 not being a significant Miles key when you see previews books for Spawn, TMNT, and Hellboy selling for even more that their first comic book appearances.
  6. thats why you sell em all and convert to omnibus.
  7. Swami wants to be the most popular guy on the CGC boards...talk about reaching for the stars
  8. if anyone is interested. Here is my unboxing, review, and close-ups of the Prime 1 Studio Anti-Venom:
  9. This thread is not having the desired effect the OP thought it would.
  10. You have Nearmint's unboxing, now here Gem Mint's: Enjoy!
  11. Hey everyone. It's been a while since I've been on the boards. I just moved into a new home and set up the comic room. Here are some pics.
  12. What is your most valuable comic, where do you live, and what times are you at work?
  13. My man Gabe is still hustlin'... You're killin' em Gabe!
  14. I think they gotta go Scorpion. Mutated like the animated series...not just a suit like spiderman 1.