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  1. That's weird I've never had to sign for mine even tho it says I have to.
  2. Wow a 9.9 time to play the lottery. I got mine 3 weeks ago just a reholder. Now that free members can make regular submissions I might get my Ms.Marvel #1 slabbed.
  3. Well my Campbell reholder shipped I guess the grade is the same, hopefully they packed it better and fedex doesn't kick around too much this time.
  4. Funny thing is I didn't even notice it was cracked till a day later when I really looked at wondering if it was worth sending back and poof which explains why it was loose.
  5. Sent my Campbell to get re-slabbed due to the cracks on the slab along with pieces of plastic inside and movement of the book inside. They got it yesterday so now the wait begins.
  6. Go word back from CS and I'm going to send it back to get re-slabbed because upon further inspection I noticed a small hairline crack and it sounds like there is something moving around in it I can't see it but I can hear it. I'll have to wait till after the new year.
  7. I don't know about that but this is the first book I got back that's loose. I'm still new at the slab game but out of the two I sent this year this one is the only one that has it....I'm used to not getting graders notes but a loose book shouldn't be the new norm.
  8. Got my Campbell yesterday it doesn't look to bad than what the picture they took but still no graders notes on why it's a 9.6 oh and the book moves in the slab I know that's not good. So what is the process to send it back ?
  9. Mine is stuck in Jersey...It was supposed to arrive Tuesday at 2pmish. I really want to see how bad it looks in person. Any suggestions on what should I do when I get it in hand?
  10. Ok here are the pics before and after. It did have a small ding on the bottom left but man looks like it got bigger cause even on the back it looks blown out. And of course the lack of graders notes.
  11. My Campbell got a 9.6 no graders notes ( No surprise there) and from the pic of the slab they dinged the top left and bottom left corner and looking at a pic I took before I sent it in and that wasn't there before. Seems they are being sloppy with the handling of books. I'll edit this and add the pics when I get home. I am not happy about them messing up my book.
  12. My Campbell moved to Grading/Quality Control....here's hoping it's a 9.9 but I doubt it. The only thing I know is guaranteed is no graders notes.
  13. Just checked my Campbell and they also hit G/E/I ....yay for some movement...lol
  14. Ouch that hurts. The lack of graders notes is getting out of hand especially with a grade drop.
  15. I feel ya, my book has been sitting in grading since the signing 11-8. I check every day but no movement since.
  16. That explains why my Campbell book is stuck in Grading....granted the signing took place 11-8 I guess I'll have it before Christmas?
  17. I'll be happy with some movement on my 1 I'm shooting for a 10 but I'll settle for a 9.8...lol
  18. I would still chew their ear off about the lack of graders notes cause they keep using it as a sales tactic especially with a grade drop.
  19. Ouch it's things like this that make me not want to send in my 9.8 slab to a signature event.