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  1. I remember you posting this a few years back in the Sketch cover thread and even showed it to Stuart at C2E2 . absolutely love it! And that Batman is awesome!! Congrats to the buyer!
  2. 194-210 This has been an odd year. Back in March/Apirl, I dropped all new ( Modren ) comics. I couldn't justify the money anymore. The only 3 books I miss are Department of truth and Ram V's Detective Comics and anything Batman related from Sean Gordon Murphy. I will probably just buy those in TPB formats. Then August came and my buying off ebay or the boards stopped, I only bought 4-5 books total since then at local shows. And I haven't read a comic since Sept. I dont think Im done with comics, but maybe a little break. Ive bought some books that Ive wanted to read early this year but never got to them. Im sure Ill be reading again next year. Here the last of what I read this year... Star Spangled War Stories 99 ( I bough this because of the cover and it was a fun read. Batman 219 and 250 Xmen 35 1st series I dont collect Xmen but there are 2 Men books I regret selling 35 and 40...maybe next year Ill get a 40 Xmen 248 1st series Found this in a $1 bin Iron Man Noir 1-4 I like Scott Snyder and all 4 were $4 Superman 179 1st series I like this fun story Flash 159, 161 and 172 Ive only read a few Flash books so I thought...Cheap SA Flash why not Adventure Comics 338 I only own this book because of the date stamp...Its my birthday 13 years before I was born haha Batman 400 1st Man bat and Neal Adams All American Men of War 59 I bought this for the cover and it was a good read Jet Powers 2 Again bought this for the cover...not a fun read unfortunately
  3. Patriots is a great story. Nice pick up.
  4. https://toymanshow.com there are some comics at this show. Next show Dec 10 Also Nov. 26 @st louis memorial post 111 7300 landsdowne sherwsberry mo 63119 This is all coimics and might be the last show that they do. It has been my favorite show for 5+ years. Ive met a lot of great people and made new friends at this show.
  5. You should post in this section as well.
  6. Welcome to the boards! try posting these in this thread. Nice books by the way!
  7. Yes. I was to last to look it up. If I had luck selling on the boards Id get it. But its hit or miss for me.
  8. 166-193 Sorry no pics this time. Hulk 294 Avengers 17, 213 Batman 243, 397-398, 423 Captain America King Size Annual 3 Strange Suspense Stories 7 Weird Wonder Tales 8 Detective Comics 429 Worlds Finest 156 What If...16 Justice League of America 43 Strange Adventures 88 Dandy Comics 6 Ghost Rider Road to Damnation 1-6 Ghost Rider Trail of Tears 1-6
  9. 139-165 The Closet 1-3 Batman 608-619 Gotham Knights 50-55, 66 Detective Comics 846-850
  10. The white on this is so bright! Nice tread by the way.
  11. @Austin_t_a There is a really nice poster in this thread...good luck
  12. Sorry I missed the show today. Glad you had a good turn out. Whens the next one?
  13. @fastballspecial @RayJr @manetteska @Azkaban @Mike Bray How was the show?!
  14. Was "watching" this on ebay for a few months, was having a "few" drinks and sent a low ball offer and it was accepted. Its beat but complete. This is my 2nd issues from Dandy, my first being a #1 coverless.
  15. Im sure you know, but its the same writer and I think it was his first book
  16. Is tis as good as infidel?
  17. Finally I got a copy of VOH 28! Thanks @Dr. Balls
  18. Im not a SA collector but I find some covers that I like and I like this Avengers 17 cover. I got this at a local small show last week a I regret not getting more from 2 sellers of nice low to mid grade SA books for what looked like reasonable prices... If they are there next time Im getting more!