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  1. Hi @CGC Lyndsey - are you able to help with this? These three cards have the incorrect set in my registry inventory and the pop report. They should be all under The List set - the labels are correct: 1401018981002 1401018981003 1401018981004 Thank you!
  2. One additional note on this - the pop report also needs corrected as they were placed under the incorrect sets (all should be The List).
  3. Could you confirm that you have Magic the Gathering Portal sets in my requests? If not, could you add it to the list? Magic: the Gathering -> Second Stage -> Portal I have these right now if you need cert #s, plus more in my future planned submission batches: 4239603012 4239603014 4239603026 4257098005 4239603015 Thank you!
  4. Hi @KaileeS CS The order looks to be updated correctly & the labels in the photos look correct. Thank you! Just one thing - these three have the wrong set name after adding them to my registry inventory: 1401018981002 1401018981003 1401018981004 Any chance in getting these corrected? @CGC Lyndsey Thank you!
  5. @KaileeS CS The order is now in QC/Finalized status and only two of the five have the correct set names. I have sent an email also. Could you help make sure these are correct on the labels before they ship? Items with incorrect set name (should be The List like the other two): 1401018981002 1401018981003 1401018981004 Thank you!
  6. I've noticed that it doesn't work unless all of the cards are in the pop report. It won't work on cert #s if I just got the grades.
  7. I can see them, though you are posting sports cards in the non-sports forums...
  8. A 9.5 on the old blue label is equal to a Gem Mint 10 on the new label. They all were converted in the system to Gem Mint 10 (pop reports, registry, etc.). If you want a label that says Gem Mint 10, you'll have to submit for reholder service. Note that if you submit a card for reholder that has subgrades, those would be removed as they don't do subgrades anymore.
  9. They don't have custom registry sets that can be made public at this time. For now, the only way to have them publicly visible is to add them to existing registry sets.
  10. Hi Team - I checked on an order that I have outstanding that's taking a bit, and noticed that the items all have the incorrect release on them. They should all be from The List set, and this is what I put on the submission form, but the below is what was keyed. Could this be causing a delay?
  11. That should be enough to get an error designation imho - It's off enough to see the edge of the next card.
  12. Hi @CGC Lyndsey, THANK YOU for adding MTG third stage subsets! THANK YOU for adding Legions & Scourge sets! THANK YOU for adding subsections for those stages that didn't have them! They were starting to blend together Question: Are you going to go back and add the rest of the subsets for Scourge?
  13. A set I requested in May 2022 was added in December 2023. It takes a bit of time, but they are working through it.
  14. The top order shipped today. I also received an email with grades for that one, but didn't for the others.
  15. Thanks Lyndsey - I haven't added cards using that feature, so I didn't know it was there (I always had "Filled" selected). I will use it next time!
  16. One of them went to shipped today (the more recent one). Hopefully the other one tomorrow?
  17. I had two economy orders (5 cards each) go to Quality Control / Finalized on 11/20 and are still in that stage today, 11/28.
  18. How many more Japanese Sun & Moon sets will be added? It's been a while since we've seen anything else get added (6 weeks and counting)… Also, is there a way to know where our requested sets are in the queue?
  19. Great, thank you! I'll make sure to use the slot request feature for items missing from the slot, going forward.
  20. Thanks Lyndsey! For items with existing slots but missing cards, are we supposed to use the "Request a Slot" feature? Or is that just for new slots? Also, will the Request a Slot feature be disabled in December, or will you continue collect requests during the month and just not add them until after the rewards?