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  1. As others have posted he's come back to the con circuit! Really only did a few books and ~2000 I think he went Hollywood. The details he could fit on a single page were mind-blowing.
  2. Agreed - that’s why I would have bet it was gone by 2000! Early 90s it was on my pull list too. It was by far the easiest way to get info until I discovered the rec.arts newsgroups.
  3. Prophet #4 with the Platt cover - man, that was awesome. It is kind of hilarious looking back and I honestly did not remember that Wizard made it into the 2000s LOL.
  4. RIP MD. Sad I never got to meet him. I was a massive Iron Man guy during his run and really loved the work he did with Priest on Valiant's Quantum and Woody. A really good artist - the kind that when you picked up a book and saw his name in the credits, you knew it'd be solid work. (And sign of aging but man, 68 feels so young...)
  5. Well said. I didn't know the name well but I'd seen Cartoonist Kayfabe and always found it enjoyable. It is amazing how quickly so-called comic book fans always pile on to any perceived wrong-doing - almost like they've never really read any of the comics they claim to love. But with the internet mob, you're immediately guilty and the online warriors will do whatever it takes, with no threat of repercussion, to bury a person. Really sad stuff.
  6. I've seen better April Fools stuff but this one is not awful.
  7. Marvel released a whole bunch of "True Believers" reprints between ~2014-2021 for $1 before the marketing department decided that "Facsimile" would sell better than reprint (and it appears to have worked!) The indicia you've posted is for this book: https://www.mycomicshop.com/search?TID=35009255 The cover (and back cover) posted are from the original New Mutants #98, Likely answer - whoever sold this just combined pictures from different books.
  8. Hi folks - not a card collector...but I've got a couple of sets of cards from the early 1990s that I'd like to have in some kind of binder where i can see both sides of the card. I've watched about 10 YouTube videos with some great binders...but all the pages are black so you only see the front of the card. Total Newbie question - what am I missing and what binders would you recommend where I can see front & back of each card? Many thanks!
  9. Thanks for posting this Roger - mine have the same movement!
  10. Wow - those look great! And since I sent neither a 2099 #1 nor a Spider-Man #365, I might see my actual books in Rick's pile (assuming those are the ones for this sig series.) And really regret I didn't get a sketch cover.
  11. No but I need a Godzilla. Got a pretty sweet 2-page spread from Godzilla in Hell and had Godzilla as my second choice (and perhaps foolishly still think I'll manage to get a cover at some point...). Mine was the Doctor Doom - that looked just mental!
  12. Thanks man - I sent an email on Friday to support and just got this back (snipped from longer message) "Currently, this signing has not yet been completed. Once these books have been signed, then your order will be processed through its 8-week estimated turnaround time. At this time, we do not have a confirmed signing date that will be taking place that we can share with the public. While this signing is scheduled for the near future, we do not share these dates in case until after the signing." So - hasn't happened yet!
  13. Folks - I did get in touch with James Stokoe and he's now posted his email on Twitter if anyone else is looking to get in touch with him. Hope all collectors are good - the artists I hope get made close to whole.
  14. Yeah I'll start that search now. He doesn't take DMs on his Twitter so time to play detective and do a "who do I know that might know him".
  15. Ah damn. I've got a James Stokoe commission (from June 2022) that I saw posted on Stokoe's socials in mid-Jan of this year. Hopefully there are no issues with me getting it...
  16. If you're just looking to get rid of them - donations are great. I've offloaded a few long boxes that way. I've also found that as soon as you realize you're not going to read them again or you need space or that they're entirely worthless, it's easy to take $200 for a long box - or less - to get them out. (I've actually been lucky enough to find a few stores that'll do $250-300 in credit. One such deal I gave the guy 3 long boxes and got 2 nice books "in trade"!)
  17. Anyone get these back yet? I know the cutoff was mid-November for submissions so it's not been very long but just curious.
  18. To be fair - it was always kind of a coin flip. I've lost about a dozen 9.8s down to 9.6s on Sig Series subs. So I started sending in 9.6s. None of them have dropped in grade - and I can recall at least 4 that have come back 9.8 (with no press.) I'm with you - no more existing 9.8s going in for SS - gamble is no longer worth it.
  19. I'll take Sgt. Rock #412 graded at 9.2 with white pages - if I haven't missed it! (And like others, wish I'd seen this thread earlier!)
  20. Anyone know when this is happening? (Just curious as I went to start a Gaiman sub and saw my Gibbons books in the tracker LOL)
  21. I didn’t get on eBay until 1998 - but yeah that was a great time to be buying comics. Speculator bubble had burst and it was not uncommon to see guys blowing out real gems at dirt cheap rates.
  22. Don't feel bad - Rich Henn posted a week or so back that he gets emails from people asking if he get can get folks like Jack Kirby (passed in 1994) and John Buscema (2002) on a fairly regular basis. I just assume those are the people that still have comic books but never got around to getting the internet.