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  1. NGL, I read this topic as personal massages, and thought that this forum was about to get weird...
  2. Found some more X-Men pencils, some Eaglemoss figures, and while I was on a vacation, my brother-in-law took his kids to a toy store and snagged me some nice 90s X-Men playing cards!
  3. Places visited in London-- Comics & Cakes Notting Hill Comic Exchange Gosh! Comics Mega City Comics Forbidden Planet (I think they had some comics in there somewhere, behind the Funko keychains and model kits.)
  4. Welp, been back for a few weeks, but it's been a bit busy, so just now getting around to an update. Sorry! (Not that anyone was waiting with bated breath or anything .) First, thanks to everyone for the suggestions! I hit up everywhere I planned to and found a couple nice spots I didn't expect (and sadly, didn't get pictures of either...). Anyway, managed to stop at Mega City Comics, Gosh! Comics, Notting Hill Comic Exchange, and Forbidden Planet (the last one mainly just go there again, even though it was everything I remembered/expected and just like the NYC location). I also lucked out in a couple other spots. First, right next to Notting Hill Comic Exchange is a used bookstore which had a pretty decent comic selection as well (maybe like 16 shortboxes?). Second, at Camden Market Hawley Wharf, I found a little shop called Comics & Cake which had a good selection of book (and baked goods!). And lastly, at Portobello Road Market on Saturday, I found both a vinyl shop that had a small selection of books (mostly 00s and newer) as well as a vendor table with a toy seller set up that had a nice collection of Eaglemoss figures in boxes (speaking with him, he said he had a full set with the mags, these were just extras without mags). Nice guy, but sadly, I think trying to get any more of those shipped from there to the US would kill any kind of price savings... I had two personal goals trying to hit stores while in London. (1) Get a pence variant, preferably X-Men, as a local foreign variant for my trip, and (2) try to find any Captain Britain books I could, hopefully cheaper than they tend to be when I see them turn up here. Sadly, I only accomplished one of those goals...talking to the guy working the front at Mega City Comics, he told me that Captain Britains rarely turn up, because owners tend to just hold on to them, and I can believe it. I only saw one copy anywhere, and it was at the used bookstore next to Notting Hill Comic Exchange and had a giant gash out of the front cover. Still, picked up some things, including a pence version of my favorite X-Men cover, and the Eaglemoss figures ended up being a nice bonus/consolation prize for not finding any Captain Britains!
  5. Thanks for letting me know about that! I was going to take a walk to my LCS tomorrow when they reopen for the week to see if they had anything, but my guess was that by the end of Sunday, they were likely well out of the bigger titles. Midtown still had them though, so added a few current books to meet their minimum and put in an order for pickup.
  6. I didn't manage to get any of the FCBD books I was hoping to get...couldn't get to a store until 2.5 hrs after it opened, and by then, all the bigger stuff (Marvel/DC issues) were long gone. Aw well. Did manage to pick up Havok/Wolverine: Meltdown #3 though, which I needed to finish that run, so not a total loss.
  7. Will do! On an unrelated-to-comics note, if anyone has any suggestions on places to eat or things to do, feel free to PM me
  8. Woo, got some nice traction and suggestions going! Thanks all. I had Mega City pinned, but not Gosh! so added that, along with Chaos City and Notting Hill. I added Piranha in case I happen to be in those neighborhoods (doubtful), but added notes that they were fine to miss, heh. Sadly, going to miss out on the chance to hit up the Comic Mart, since it's once a month and happening this weekend. Sucks; would've loved to attend that...but oh well. Kind of surprised given the size of the city that there's only...4? stores within the main city and a couple more on the outskirts, but I guess in a post-Covid world, it makes some sense that a few would close and switch to online. I remember a local store doing that in 2003 to ditch the overhead; some things never change! Yeah, I'm not expecting a ton from Forbidden Planet. From what I remember when I was last in London (which was...sheesh, almost 17 years ago?), it was mostly modern stuff and collectibles then. Basically no different from the NYC location. I'll pop into it, but I don't have great hopes of finding anything worthwhile. Back issue-wise, I'm basically just hoping for maybe some pence variant X-Mens, and if I can find them, Captain Britains cheaper than they tend to be when I come across them here in the US (with bonuses for 1 and 8). Nothing huge. With the X-Mens, when I travel internationally, I like to try to find a local language version of something X-related if I can, but anything else if I can't. For the UK...that means a pence variant, hehe. Or failing the pence X, I'd call some Captain Britains a win.
  9. Hey all, tried searching to see if there was an old, existing thread but couldn't find any... Going to be in London for about a week and a half soon while the wife runs the London Marathon, and was looking for any recommendations on comic and retro/vintage toy stores to hit up. I already have Forbidden Planet on the list (though if one location is better than the others for back issues and goodies, let me know!), but otherwise, Google Maps wasn't being super helpful on finding vintage toy stores (if there even are any), and most of the other comic shops I was finding seemed to be mainly modern stock stores...so any advice would be great! Thanks in advance!
  10. Argh, I'm going to be out of the country when this one starts, and will probably have trouble getting the first couple rounds in...gonna have to sit this one out. Until next time, and good luck to all those participating!
  11. After sleeping on it when it was first getting released (and given it's long delays between arcs, no regrets on that), I finally read Sex Criminals over the past week. Absolutely hilarious.
  12. Congrats @grendelbo and thanks to @Point Five for running the contest! Personally, I'm just glad I didn't do nearly as poorly as I expected...
  13. Sweet! Love those two X-Men ones, and the Macross one looks awesome.
  14. I didn't know this subgenre existed...and now, I feel like I need to have all of these.
  15. This disappoints me...isn't this only like, a third of the total Amalgam one-shots?
  16. Received my raffle yesterday from @JazzMan! Gonna fit in great on my shelf of weird 70s-ish comics-related books!
  17. So, as an experiment, I thought I'd start with X-Men 141, being one of the more iconic and heavily homaged covers. Here are the main sources I searched through-- https://www.mycomicshop.com/search?dsp=issuegallery&IVGroupID=22688003 https://comicvine.gamespot.com/homage-covers/4015-43734/images/?tag=The X-Men %23141 https://sidekickcomicgear.com/homage-covers/uncanny-x-men-141-homage-covers/ https://leagueofcomicgeeks.com/profile/galko/lists/8803/cover-homage-the-uncanny-x-men-141 Anything else I found past that was generally just a subset of those (and usually only a handful of covers). Counting virgin/sketch/B&W covers separately (but not counting direct/newsstand distinctions), I came up with 78 books on CLZ. I also found 2 that don't appear on CLZ...a Mr. Easta variant and an Archie Halloween Spectacular 2022 variant. Along the way, I found a few images that I can't seem to find information on their books, and the images don't have any identifying info, but I think they're just fan art/commissioned pieces.
  18. Ooh, an X-Men double, nice! You ever want to get rid of that, let me know
  19. I second CLZ. I also use Excel--I was using it before I started with CLZ, and I still keep it up as a backup--but CLZ is just a lot easier to track, add, show missing issues of a title, etc., though it does cost money. It also now has a built-in connection with...something I can't remember that costs extra but adds estimated values to everything (I don't use it, so can't remember what the name is).