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  1. A couple of points here. 1) The $631 was me!!!!! 2) The $600 was a cracked slab.
  2. I have never seen a thread with so many unwarranted mic drops. Drama whore to unprecedented levels.
  3. Is this against eBay rules? Can't you build right into your listing who can and cannot see your posts? Damn. Is the exclusion part of the listing template gone now?
  4. I don't know how convenient it is for you, but check out ChitChat for shipping. They have a shipping depot in Vancouver (Commercial area) and Richmond.
  5. Shouldn't be upset for eBay. eBay does a crappy job of monitoring both shady sellers and buyers.
  6. All good. The handling time on this one book was longer than my norm, so I have learned my lesson. I will not be dong that again. Thanks for the advice and for clarifying intentions. On a happier note, eBay removed the negative feedback.
  7. I have time, which I calculated into my shipping settings. The buyer could have chosen not to purchase. I am a little confused as to why it's an issue. If you don't like the clearly stated terms of the sale, don't but. How hard is it to read and understand the simple listing interface on an eBay listing?
  8. Unfortunately, I live in Canada. I wish we Canada Post offered a similar service.
  9. I don't have a store, so vacation is not an option. If the buyer was uncomfortable with my handling time, he shouldn't have purchased. I simply do not have time to go to the PO every time a purchase is made. Two young kids with lots of activities, run my own business etc., and that specific time, I had obligations that I knew would interfere. I normally put five days handling, but consistently ship in 3. I have had no problems with this set up. Anyways, another reason to keep my sales moving over to the non-commission Facebook groups.
  10. this guy: larryg5. Bought 2 books off me with extended handling time, which is clearly stated in the listing. The extended handling time has me shipping October 13th at the latest. Send me numerous annoying messages about shipping date etc. I sent him a message telling him that I am shipping tomorrow, but I could cancel the order if he preferred. He sent me this message: "Oh I understand .. you can see my feedback and know I have been doing this a long time .. quoting rules and guidelines from ebay at me means nothing to me .. Yes I want you to still ship me my items .. but I had question/concerns which I am allowed to ask .. you don't want to answer that's ok.Seems pretty crappy though to ask for immediate payment and take 2 weeks to ship + not all your auctions have the same timelines .. inconsistent .. but hey no worries .. your stuff you do what you want but I will voice my displeasure regardless of the fine print.Will look for my books in the next week or so .. last time we talked you said Wednesday but now maybe Thursday .. like I said .. its your world ..Regards" I cancelled his order.
  11. I have an arc (mostly in my head and notes) that I hope to turn into a comic one day. I think Kickstarter is the way to go, but I plan to network like crazy for some time before I start hitting people up. I would start with Facebook groups. There is a pretty large community of independent creators helping one another. There are the Facebook groups, Creator owned and independent comics hub,, Independent Comic Coalition,and Independent Comic Takeover, for example. I am sure that there are a lot more social media watering holes for independent comic creators, but these are the ones that I have found with cursory research.
  12. Sorry, the books were listed a 3rd time (not sure why they have disappeared from the 15-day sales history) with that same 17 feedback buyer winning a couple and bidding and others. However, I looked at the pictures more carefully, and it seems the seller had 2 copies of all the books involved, including 2 Red Foils.
  13. I had a similar problem with my Walking Dead 100 Red Foil CGC 9.8. If I searched without the CGC 9.8, it wouldn't come up even though there were 3 or 4 others for sale on eBay, All my issues have been with selling Walking Dead book, which is a little strange.
  14. Yes. I had a Walking Dead 19 CGC 9.6 that would not show up no matter what I did. I also had a Walking Dead 2 CGC 9.6 that would only show up if I searched "The Walking Dead 2 CGC 9.6" All of those words had to be in the search including "The", which was not even in my listing. I got so frustrated with the 19 that I traded it for a raw BA 12 and sold that on eBay instead!!!!
  15. When people post incredible $1 bin finds, collectors in Vancouver cannot even relate. LCS here are way too on top of it not to get market rate plus for any book. I have pulls at two places. Big Pete's in North Van and 8th Dimension on Main Street in Vancouver. 8th Dimension used to be RX. RX closed and 8th Dimension was opened in the same spot by former RX employees. If you are staying downtown, Big Pete's is easy to get to. You can take the sea bus from Waterfront Station, which is right beside Canada Place. The sea bus crosses over to North Van and docks at Lonsdale Quay. You could grab lunch at the Quay, which is small market/restaurant area and then walk like three blocks up to Pete's. Other things to do: Walk the trails of Stanley Park. Rent bikes and ride around the Seawall in Stanley Park. Visit Granville Island, which is a public market. A fun way to get to Granville Island is to take the Aquabus from under the Burrard Street Bridge. On Granville Island, you can also hire a small boat to take you around False Creek. Go to Spanish Banks, which is a pretty damn nice beach. If you go to Spanish Banks, try having dinner at the cafe/restaurant at the Jerico Sailing Club. It is called the Galley Patio and Grill. You could combine a trip to Spanish Banks and Galley Patio and Grill with a stop at the Comic Shop on 4th. Spanish Banks is very close to the University of British Columbia. If you wanted to add a museum visit, I highly recommend the Museum of Anthropology at UBC. It is top notch. Lynn Canon in North Vancouver is very nice and it has a pretty spectacular pedestrian suspension bridge. It is free. There is also the Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver, but you have to pay for that one. All the local mountains are also in West and North Vancouver. A nice place for dinner is the Cactus club in English Bay. Enjoy Vancouver!!!