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  1. In the inaugural Overstreet Guide of 1970, Action #1 was valued at $300. A decade later, in the 1980 edition, its worth surged to $9800. Over the years, I've had the privilege of selling no fewer than 5 camp era Okajima pedigree comics on this board. I have not yet seen any of them for resale... I'm currently open to offers and trades. However, if there's no interest, I'll be considering submitting this book to Heritage.
  2. "Seizing moment like catching fish with bare hands: requires swift action, keen perception, and bit of luck. But just as the fish slips through the fingers of the unprepared, so too does opportunity slip away from those who hesitate."
  3. Happy T-minus one day to the 80th year anniversary of the signature on this this book. Fun fact, there are only 112 known "camp era" signed Okajimas, and only 6 of those are known to be at 9.2 or better.
  4. Police Comics #31 Okajima 4/8/44 "2x" Tied for top of census Police Comics #31 Okajima 4/8/44 "2x" Among a very small handful of the highest graded of all signed Okajimas Clear stand-out signiture with date and code 3 days from 80th birthday $9,000
  5. Per norms, first or pm gets it. 14 day return for any reason - you pay return shipping in condition as originally shipped. Pay by check, open to partial trades for wanted items in signature line (and a few other random needs) and/or robot covers. Shipping with insurance with signature. U.S. locations only. My Kudos
  6. Whew, what a read. 4 hrs later I'm thinking what a sad, fubar situation. Strangely enough reminded me a bit of the movie House of Sand and Fog (each bad decision just keeps incrementally leading to worse and worse outcomes) with a bunch of SBF FTX sprinkled in, all while set in comic book land. I had to go stream watch several episodes of Comic Book Men to regain my faith in humanity again. Really hope this situation turns itself around for all parties.
  7. That's a great share, one has ELdon and one the Eldon cursive - from the same sale back in the day... Seems move evidence blocky and cursive Eldon are one and the same (Eldon M. Tuffentsamer)
  8. I believe the second Eldon variant signature is “block printed style” with the name ELDON. This had potentially been associated to collector/artist Eldon Dedini. However, a strong argument can be made that both the cursive and block “Eldon” styles being Eldon M. Tuffentsamer. For example, there is a certified USA #3 with block letters and USA #4 with cursive, both higher grade. Collectors liked to stick with consecutive numbers (runs) of their favorite titles and what are the odds of two different comic signing Eldon’s having saved one high grade copy of each in the series?
  9. Captain America Comics #37, classic of the classics imo. PR, back cover missing. Outside wrap and centerfold detached. Purchased a couple of years back on HA. $3,100 SOLD
  10. Captain America Comics #41 - I'd say its a 4.5, but centerfold is married. Cover full attached, $1,400 SOLD
  11. Per norms, first or pm gets it. 14 day return for any reason - you pay return shipping in condition as originally shipped. Note, I'd rather sell to a boardie than on feeBay so if I'm out of line, p.m. me an offer. Prefer and appreciate check, but PayPal is acceptable if only option. Shipping $20 for all comics purchased (1 or 10, same shipping price). My Canadian friends to the north please add an additional $15. My Kudos
  12. So interesting, I love the research. I do wonder about the code, that was very neat how it lined up with the alpha letters between the days. The Okajima signature is still by the same hand/pen as the code. I think it is the other Okajima family as reasoned in the video, and they still signed their own copies as so many people commonly did back in the day. Otherwise, they would have had to work in the distribution center/store I assume?
  13. Boom?! Great research and theory, touching the open questions. How did we all miss this [(including 50 objects)? I feel like @Karen's Pages may have done it! Having studied this to some length myself and pondered the dates and Chicago move I was perplexed. This seems to explain it. Would like to understand more the stamped copies post sig/numbers. The definitive closure to this would be the household address of the original estate sale and owner name, I presume.