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  1. I hear what you saying but not sure that is the best standard for determining whether or not to grade. The question is “does the value of the book increase by more than the total cost of grading?” “Value” and “cost” are loosely defined and a relative terms here. Marginal cost vs. marginal benefit. That being said, I would definitely be sending it in for grading. I really like this book!
  2. I would love to get my Marvel Third Eye posters graded. Seems like a great for for CGC but not yet…..
  3. Take hulk 449 and nm 87 per pm
  4. Mostly a silver age collector but three new modern acquisitions
  5. Baseball is fundamentally different than it was ten years ago but both are considered the modern era.
  6. Willing to roll the dice if the book does not appear to be overgraded. Unsure on pressed. Some additional closeups. Anything stand out?
  7. Before I send this off for Todd’s signature, I wanted to seek some final input. Specifically, the book is graded 9.6 but appears to be rolled a tad in the upper right corner. Is this acceptable for such a high grade? Mindful of the handling risk, I want to also assess the likelihood that the book could be downgraded for other reasons. Mods, please move if there is a more applicable forum. thank you
  8. Thank you. That is where I ended up. Just not worth it.
  9. Grader notes unavailable. Pressing history unknown. Raw pictures unavailable. you are correct. An analysis of pdf (probability density function) by grade with corresponding FMV’s would yield an expected value. When comparing this number less the cost of signing/grading to the current fmv, I can arrive at a decision factoring in my relatively risk neutral nature. Just thought some “random internet strangers” could provide some input on the pdf given their experience with regrading after signing. My sample space of one experience which oddly yielded a slight improvement in grade, is clearly not credible.
  10. I have gone back and forth on this, trying to balance risk and reward. Floor vs ceiling. Would appreciate your thoughts about sending this in. Looking only at expected ROI
  11. The books are “scheduled for grading”, which for economy will still be another 10 months or so. I agree that it would benefit the book. I just doubted the ROI so resisted. Thanks for your thoughts!
  12. Just sent off to CGC but I welcome your thoughts on this one! In retrospect, I am wondering if I should have sent for C&P.
  13. It looks like there is a small tear to your back cover too but to your point, the spine bend seems to have had a grading impact and the bend is less significant on your book. I was thinking 7.0-7.5 but clearly, I underestimated the impact.
  14. Yikes! That is harsh. I had no idea that it would be hit that hard. Thanks for your input.
  15. I would appreciate your thoughts on this book. Dings to the corners along spine appear to be the most significant defect.
  16. Maybe I am missing something but how can your question be answered without the prices?? Am I to assume that all books are at current market prices? If so, I believe Hulk 2 and Avengers 1 will yield the best long term ROI.
  17. Sorry I missed this one at 5%, not 15%. With this in mind, I will retract conditional take with your consent.