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  1. Wow - great books everyone! Haven't been able to check out this topic in sometime. Love those Avengers comics!!!!
  2. Okay, I'm waiting for one of you guys to post the Avengers 25 CGC 9.4 that you just won on eBay for $1425...... It's one I need to - let's hope this auction brings them out of the closets.....
  3. No 9.8, 4 9.6 and 10 9.4.... Pretty hard book to find in high grade, I would say....
  4. Wish mine looked that sharp! Nice book, Monstro Wow, that is a really nice copy Monstro. I used to have a CGC 9.2 but it didn't look even close to that nice. Nice glossy colors (thumbs u I agree - looks like it was just printed yesterday. Nice book! Lots of nice books posted. I seem to have hit a little lull in my Avengers collection...hope I can get a few more in 2008. This thread makes me happy -
  5. I'm actually listing stuff on eBay again so.... MikeS = mikes_comics_n_stuff
  6. Okay, which one you guys outbid on all those Avengers books in the Comiclink auction??? Well at least I made you really pay for some of them.....
  7. Congrats on being #1!!! At least for a little while.....
  8. C'mon, one little Avengers 1 CGC 9.4 will move you up five or six spots - ten thousand points - BAM!
  9. Geesh, I kind of miss them - glad they are in a new home where they'll be appreciated! I needed to sell some stuff for other purchases, so guess it was worth it. They are nice books, if I don't say so myself.....
  10. Thanks everyone! Now, if I could only find a #25.....
  11. Here's the one I won at the last Heritage auction -
  12. Yep Yeah, I enter books into the registry as soon as I pay for them - provided I can read the serial number. Those old style CGC labels are impossible to read from a scan. I see from your avatar that your a Spirit fan? Avengers and Eisner: those are my two big passions. Yep, they are my top two passions as well! I'm sure we'll be bidding against each other in the future.
  13. Well, it all balances out in the end. I underbid you on the #22 by $30! (thumbs u That #22 looks ultra fine - nice bright colours and white pages. Congrats. I'm glad I won the #17, but it was the #26 that I was really after. It looks really sweet. Ha, ha, you must be excited to get them - I see you already added them to your registry! I was eyeing the 26 myself, but I already have a 9.4, so didn't go for it. It's definitely a sweet looking book. Just got the e-mail that they are shipping the Avengers 22. Hopefully you'll be getting yours soon!
  14. Hey - that was almost my book ! I think I was the underbidder on that one at $405 (without BP) Nice book! At least I won the #22.....
  15. Thanks to Nochips for prompt shipment of the Atom 29 I purchased on the boards - very sweet copy at a great price!!
  16. I'll second the kudos to 1coolengineer - for the Deadly Hands of kung Fu that CD4ever didn't buy and one Savage Sword of Conan. Also kudos to Mikeyriffhard for some nice Jack Kirby Collector magazines. Thanks!
  17. Thanks Jack!! Glad you got it. Pleasure doing business.....
  18. Double kudos to BronzeBruce13 - got my comics today! Prompt shipment and a very well packaged box!! Thanks Bruce!!
  19. Kudos to Wolvergeek for a nice Plop #2 at a great price. Quick shipping too!
  20. The IRON GIANT showed a Spirit and a Superman comic book, I believe....
  21. Kudos to ft88 for quick shipment and a good deal on some Avengers comics. Thanks!!!!
  22. Kudos to Rip for the nice Conan comic! Speedy delivery and nice packaging. Thanks!
  23. Kudos to LordRahl - shipped out my Avengers wins same day that I made payment. Good packaging job! Thanks!
  24. I also collect movie posters. I have most of the James Bond movie posters from Spy Who Loved Me and on.... I also used to buy pretty much buy the poster to any movie I liked - Terminator, Dances with Wolves, Gladiator, etc. Haven't bought any new ones in the last couple of years though - no more room for them. I used to have them hanging up in my living room.... Oh yeah, I'm also into the Carl Barks lithographs from Another Rainbow - have all of the minis and about 1/4 of the large ones. Stopped collecting those to try to save $$$ and I've run out of wall space for them.
  25. Hey now!! I'll have you know that I started collecting in '76 So be careful who you are calling kids!! Ha, ha. Good point though - and I just have to ask when do you think the Bronze Age ended?