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  1. It looks like you can just reach out to him directly on IG? His bigcartel site looks like "under construction" still
  2. I started reading through it! It's really nice to be able to read the strips in order and there are nicely written introductions that give more context to what was going on during each year of the strip. Definitely enjoyable!
  3. Looks like closed just north of 3800. Seems low...?
  4. Agree - way higher than I thought (sadly for my bidding). It is an iconic image though with many main characters and Grasscutter is one of the best Usagi stories, so I can see why people were thirsty.
  5. Nice looking set! Same - i've picked up a few via ebay but I don't believe I have all of them... another reason to be jealous of you!
  6. Oh sorry, I only meant from the OA aspect - but agree that there are some of the other parts of the auction that were seemed to be drawing high prices. That batman toy box art too was very nice but high I thought.
  7. gonna be optimistic and say 6K ... but who knows nowadays
  8. Agree, definitely feels like fewer eyes on Hake's overall but then you have some results like this, which seemed higher than expected. I was watching this as well but then it quickly ballooned past where I thought it was going to go. I picked up one of the Usagi pieces - the colored commission one - for what I thought was a good price.
  9. Woo! A huge congrats! Definitely a run worth celebrating! Now if only I could follow in your footsteps, lol.
  10. woo! Thorn re-release confirmed! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NYT Bestselling Author Jeff Smith Returns to his Roots with a New Collection of his THORN College Strips to Launch in October Kickstarter Columbus, OH – July 18, 2023: Cartoon Books announces THORN: The Complete Proto-BONE College Strips from 1982 to 1986, And Other Early Drawings, reprinting the entire run of his earliest rendering of the world-famous BONE characters for the first time. And if Smith had his way, it might not have happened. “Talking Jeff into this book wasn’t easy, but fans have been asking us for years.” explains Cartoon Books Publisher Vijaya Iyer, Smith’s partner. “I confess I was a hard sell at first,” says cartoonist Smith, “Talk of reprinting the THORN comics has always been a non-starter for me. I didn’t think they were very good. In fact, I had an unshakable idea that they were terrible. But when I read them for the first time in over 40 years, I was surprised to find I enjoyed them! It’s fun to see these stories and know they eventually evolved into BONE.” The comic strips reveal an early version of BONE called THORN that was written for a college audience in the 1980s. THORN appeared five days a week in the pages of The Ohio State University’s student newspaper The Lantern. A few were reprinted in a self-published 1983 book called THORN: Tales from The Lantern. Another small selection was published in 2008’s limited edition fundraiser for OSU’s Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum called Before BONE. Both books are long out of print and sell at collector’s prices. There has never been an official, complete run published until now. This beautiful edition includes plenty of bonus material such as recently discovered early drawings of the BONE characters, essays and interviews. THORN: The Complete College Strips, will be published in both hardcover and mass market paperback. It will launch on Kickstarter this October for release in Spring of 2024. About Jeff Smith: Jeff Smith is the award-winning author best known for his self-published BONE comic book series that was later picked to launch Scholastic’s Graphix YA graphic novel imprint. Other works by Smith included RASL, SHAZAM: Monster Society of Evil, TUKI, and the forthcoming BONE: More Tall Tales. For more information and updates, please visit Boneville.com, or Email: kathleen@boneville.com
  11. Now to track down who has that OA to make them an outlandish offer...
  12. It was through a Reader poll, correct? Didn't someone write in with the idea as a reference for the Melville short story, Bartleby the Scrivener?
  13. He also announced an upcoming Kickstarter to reprint all his early Bone comic strips from his college days. Wow! That's great to hear! Would love to read all of these! Hopefully there will be great add-ons like the Tuki KS
  14. wow I just found this thread after all this time! Feels like coming home, lol. Great to see all of this cool Bone stuff!
  15. I received an email back from Cam's rep who said that the master list seen on the website was updated. I emailed him back about some pages to purchase ... but no reply back since.
  16. I've had similar issues with emailing inquiries about art or follow up emails on commissions and no replies.
  17. Looks like one of the softcover books that he would secretly sign at his local bookstore before people found out about it? Not sure how many of those there were, but I believe people were selling them and that's why he stopped doing that as well. I'm sure it would be difficult to authenticate.
  18. @10% off 12. X-MEN 136 CGC 9.2 13. X-MEN 137 good crack and press candidate (death jean grey) CGC 8.5