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  1. A new buyer to block on Ebay. Can I say what their name is beyond their ID? lmt-737 Bought a Transformers #1 from me, then a few weeks later opened a Payment Dispute that was recently closed in the buyers favor. No damage to me, as I was protected by Ebay, but still....
  2. Since I press books, I have customers who will buy books on eBay and have them to me from the seller in order to not have to double ship the book. In general I don’t mind shipping to other addresses as a seller. Larger ticket items, I’d probably insist on shipping it directly to buyer for them to forward.
  3. Add talisman778 to your blocked ebayer lists. Buyer was not happy that the 9.4 book he ordered was not perfect! The customer was unhappy that a ‘pleat’ was not added to the listing’s description and was visible in the scan of the book.
  4. I have a couple of new users to add to your list. queenb9795 did not pay for auction after a week and multiple requests major_9512 same as above but for a batch of 44 winning auctions
  5. Isn’t that the older discontinued case? Discontinued because of that exact possibility.
  6. Has this been mentioned? I have a case that simply separated, top from bottom. I know CGC will screw me over this mistake of theirs and say I have to pay for a recase, but come on!! This isn’t something you should look for when you receive your books.
  7. You mostly have it correct. It originally had the incorrect listing, but a 9.8. So then I sent it back to get the proper listing and upgraded label. That's when it went to spoon, and Mike offered to help as the Customer Service team couldn't seem to help. And yes I am happy about the final turnout, as I now have the 9.8 it was originally, just not the correct label. I have had too many 9.8 books get ruined by a simple 'reholder'. It's like to get a book reslabbed, is a 50/50 chance of major damage. And this book came back 9.8.
  8. Follow up: First, Thank you @CGC Mike for your help. The book returned with a 9.8 grade. It doesn't have the fancy X-Men label that I originally requested, but I am going to leave it as it lays. No explanations as to what, when, or why it happened. It's like a little gremlin came long and kicked it out the door with a 9.8 label. A happy ending
  9. hmm...Mine clean up real quick! As it goes recently, I'd rather try and fix them myself than send them back in unless no other choice. I have had too many books ruined my carless hands in the re-casing dept.
  10. Those are easily fixable with a bit of Polywatch and some elbow grease. From what I have discovered, the bags actually cause this. It's weird the plastic on the cases are that soft to be scratched so easily.
  11. That is exactly what I was mentioning several pages ago. Perfectly good books ruined after they leave the graders hands. I had a signed Campbell Black Cat #2 'Le Chat' come back with a color-breaking crease, a 9.9 DC cardstock cover with a 3/4" crease, etc.... Someone in the casing Dept is very careless
  12. Previously, I had was asked to provide photos of the faults before getting clearance to send them in. I had 70 plus emails of Reholder Requests, before I was told I no longer needed to get clearance to send them back. So, to answer your question, no they were no approved beforehand. But previously, when I had sent in photos of the newton rings, I was happily told those look horrible and to send them back for a free recasing. Anything over a quarter in size was enough to get 'fixed'
  13. I agree. It seems this is across the board. I replied, "I did see the memo, but these were submitted well before the memo came out. As I understand it, anything sent in after that would no longer qualify, correct?.." Their response: 'Thanks for reaching back out. We do understand that it may seem this way; however, Newton Rings previously were not automatically approved Mechanical Error submissions and it was determined on a case by case basis. At this time we cannot accept these as a Mechanical Error submissions. We can offer you a credit of $25 to your account if you would like to proceed with Reholdering the books. As mentioned previously Newton Rings are a naturally occurring phenomenon and reholdering the books will not guarantee that they will eliminate the Newton Rings. These can occur at any time and may even develop over time on holders due to the crystal clear nature of the plastics. Thank you.'
  14. Just so you know, any books currently in their pipeline for newton rings WILL NOT get a new case unless you wish to pay for it. Even for books in their facility before the announcement. I was just contacted via email about 16 books out of 76. This is something that really irks me, as they were sent out well before the announcement.
  15. If the thread is still going, I'll take the Gotham Girls and the JLA 118, please.