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  1. yeah, they got it on April 26 2021. It was lightning quick!
  2. Book is making it home today finally from cgc, I will post the grade tonight
  3. it says multiple water stains center of front cover, which I could not see with a magnifying glass.
  4. I just got this back from cgc, and basicly can believe the grade on this. This was pressed also. Its in a slab so I had to take pics since my scanner won't scan slabs. Let me know what you think.
  5. Here is an update from my submissions that arrived at cgc on 4/23 this year, My standard graded spidey that was also pressed by ccs was finally shipped out yesterday it was graded on 11/1. I have a fast track economy that was delivered on 4/26 that is still in ccs hands this makes 172 days I have 7 fast track moderns that arrived on 4/23 that are still currently in ccs hands. Now here is the good part I have 6 fast track moderns and 1 express that where pressed by CPF and they are already in grading and they arrived on 11/12 and I have been charged for grading also. Long draw out here, the standard that was shipped got lost in the sauce for awhile apparently, to bad they didn't just hold it a bit longer and ship it out with the others that are being graded and maybe save a buck or 2 since its been there this long. oh well
  6. Finally the last piece of my 21-50 CGC 8.0 run (for now)! I may try to upgrade my 20 soon but happy with the way the run is for now.
  7. I have 8 Modern fast track books received on 4/23, that made it into ccs on 9/8 that are still there. So I am pretty sure I am not in on the new program.
  8. I also have books being pressed by another 3rd party that they have had since may and they have not been worked on yet so the pressing turnaround is really about the same between the 2.
  9. I have some books that were received on 4/23 and 4/26, different tiers, but mostly moderns that are still there, the last of them finally made it to ccs on 9/8 and I am awaiting for that process to complete so they can go to grading wait. I have received 4 books back from CGC pressed and graded but the order they returned was a shoot, 2 where standard tiers with pressing and grading, 1 was a MFT with pressing and grading and 1 was a chromium book that was just graded. 7/17, 7/28, 8/10, and 8/23. So I still have 1 standard, 1 Economy FT and 9 more MFT that I am waiting on. all from the April date. I have given up trying to figure out when they will be done, I just keep checking on them week to week as that's about all I can do at this point.
  10. ickwinzs

    Loug2 Kudos

    Bought a few sweet Books from Louis , Got great books and perfect service. Hope to see a new sales thread again!
  11. I bet those sale were from Ditkos collection that was sold last month. I think it was Heritage.
  12. No, just after that a 9.0 sold for 3500. Just kinda wztching now. But I fo want to upgrade from my 8.0
  13. I didn't last long, bought a couple of X-men books and that was about it, I did see a canvas print of the legend of Zelda's Link by a stream playing the Ocarina which was pretty cool. I should have picked it up for my oldest.