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  1. OK so I got a 2. it's a keeper card in my collection, so I'm not complaining, I think it looks great in the slab. I expected low grade... The card does have some color missing off the back bottom corner and a small weird non ripply type defect on the center right of the front (no dents, just a slight raised type line you can see if you hold it right) So just for sake of research I punch OPC MARIO LEMIEUX CSG 2 into eBay and low and behold there's another graded a 2!! I look at it, and omg, it looks like it was stored in someones back pocket for a day or 2 before ending up on the laundry room floor face down until mom stepped on it and put it back in little Timmys shoe box. I guess I was just surprised at the visual discrepency of the same grade especialy the corners being so rounded and dented on the other card, as well as the massive surface damage that is visible. So my question is... is a grade of 2 just a number that you pretty much can get to pretty easily, but it will only go 1 if there is like a tear or something? I have never graded cards before, and overall I have been very happy to see a lot of the grades on my older personal collection of vintage cards, and again they look great in these CSG slabs. I honestly can't wait to display in my office and man cave. I can always cover the numerical grade with a happy face sticker =) Here is my card: https://www.csgcards.com/certlookup/1010213012/ Here is the ebay graded 2: https://www.ebay.com/itm/185214800374 Mine is on the left, whatcha think? I think it's a dang nice 2, lol... Have a great holiday! Oh here's another funny thing from my submission: I sent in my seperated Bird/Magic rookie thinking it would look great in a slab, I had it all put together with a note to please keep it together in the correct order and that I figured it would be a CSG 1 or lower if possible since it was in 3 pieces. I have seen other slabs with the the pieces in there arranged tight and it looks great (im not a condition sensitive collector) when I got my grades back I saw extra charges and more cards on the invoice than I submitted... so upon further investigation...Boom - a 3 for 1- hahah, Im not even mad, this is hilarious, cost me an extra 2 submission fees, but I think it's gonna look interesting on the wall! The other Bird I submitted had excrutiating centering, but I pulled that card out of a pack at a card show at the Fashion Center in San Francisco in early 90's so it has centimental value. I opened two 86 Fleer packs at that same show (I think they were like $50 ea) and pulled a Barkley and an Olajuwon sticker which I sent in as well. My submission was basically a bunch of cards I pulled back in the day including my 52 Topps Mantle.... see below! Fun stuff, thanks CSG! 52 Mantle??? HAHAHA .. made you look... But this 1996 case insert will still look great for my office display. A bunch of my other fav cards from my first submission: THANKS CSG & Happy Holidays to all!
  2. I just received the grades for one of my bulk orders and I noticed the 95 Marshall Faulk I sent in had an unexpected real low grade. It doesnt have any real physical issues so I'm assuming it's indeed the Topps Finest discoloration issue that is being grading harshly. It still has the coating on it and I noticed that PSA had a lot of discolored cards with high grades so I figured it would be better. It is what it is, I always like the card (I pulled it back in the day) and I don't care about the value. I thought for $8 it would look better in a CSG slab.. Just as a fyi: This card was never exposed to humidity or sun. It has iterally in a California closet for 20 years so this had to be the result of the chemicals used. The green HULK color really pops with the CSG green HAHA. Side note: I pulled 2 of those same Jordan refractors at a card shop in Napa, CA out of a single jumbo pack. They were just slightly stuck together and both were in great condition. I paid like $8 for the pack and the shop owner paid me $150 on the spot for one of the 2 refractors. The second one I sold on eBay in the late 90s for like $175... Sometimes when you win you actually lose in the long run
  3. Considering they have had them for several months, it would be nice to be able to compare what i sent in (on the pdf) to what they now have entered in their system to be graded. There has already been differences from my saved printouts to what was entered by them on cgc site for some card attributes, variations, etc. I sent alot of inserts and parallel type stuff, just want to know that it all made it to the system correctly and if anything was changed because I may have mistakenly been wrong on my own card
  4. I have submitted multiple lots of cards to CGC and now CSG. The 2 sites appear to be programmed the same but I can only view my order breakdown on the CGC cards site. Is this normal that I can't click my order numbers on CSG and see the list of cards in the system to be graded? I seem to remember that the first couple days my orders were finally marked as arrived, the links were there.
  5. 135 bulk at cgc - mostly WOTC with 5 or 6 modern cards - just from our personal collection (myself and 3 of my sons age 18-27), grades are not likely to be too high, as they lived in binders for 15 + years, have some nice mid grade stuff but will definitely be interesting how low the grades will get, but all in fun for us, we wont be selling any of our cards. 115 bulk at csg - mostly my football and basketball cards from 80s/90s with about a dozen modern cards. Nothing outrageous. some low grade rookies in baseball and hockey that would be cool if I had them in grades above a 3 or 4 but they were my cards growing up and I just want to make a wall display. A couple off centered Barry sanders rookies and a bunch of 90s barry inserts that don't have much value but I think will look nice in my man cave on the wall!! Some other random stuff like Billy Ripken obscene card, various Bo Jackson cards, Michael Jordan and Kobe misc. base cards and some Shaq rookies.... I also sent my Bird/Magic rc that is detached, no real value, but I have seen them in slabs and they look cool. I hope they grade it authentic like other companies and not send it back unslabbed
  6. wow that's awesome, I have a huge Library of old Heritage and other auction comic auction catalogs from 90s - about 2013 when they started charging for them.. just fun to pick one randomly and read the captioning and info. Honestly they were the reason I got back into comics after I found a couple at an estate sale back in about 2005. I went on eBay a few times and bought huge lots of older ones, then I started picking up the old movie poster and illustration art catalogs, even picked up a few pop/modern art catalogs because they were so well written with amazing photography
  7. Yeah I talked to them on the phone. They said my card would be charged at the time of the grading which is probably end of summer Im assuming
  8. Do you have to sort the cards before you send them? I have about 10,000 cards that I really never played with just collected. Alot of revised and Ice Age and some fallen empires, then a mix of commons and uncommon from about the next 8 years with a sprinkling of rares, then I have a mixture of like 3-4 sets every 3-4 years. I would collects a couple boosters worth of cards every few years basically. Then probably about 3-4 boosters of stuff from about 5-6 sets ago was last time. Its just a hodge podge of stuff I dont feel like going through
  9. I received a invoice via email pdf.... do I have to snail mail that paper copy to them in with payment before my cards are graded? (based on turnaround time for bulk that might not be until August) I can't find anywhere to pay online
  10. My cards were received on 2/26 and marked as received on 3/18 so about 20 or so days before I saw them on the submissions page
  11. Mine was delivered on 2/26 and showed up as received on March 18
  12. USPS Tracking delivered 2/26. Sent 135 total with 105 Bulk + 30 Bulk w Sub Grades Received an email just now that my submission was received and I see on the website now as received 3/18 YAY! Feel better now. Should be interesting to see the actual processing time from here! Any guesses on what month these may get returned? =) First Grading submission
  13. Top left defect on Front... maybe? Lower right on back.... maybe? Oh man if this is an 8.5 on corners I'm definitely not getting any 9s on my submission nice card btw, my son wants that so bad
  14. Could you put a name on the slab? or initials? if I send duplicates in for my 3 kids? Can use pedigree as an identifier if we wanted?
  15. I wondered the same thing. I submitted cards my kids played with when they were younger and the range I see selling on eBay is like 20-50 avg. but there is like 10s of the cards we sent that are 300-400.
  16. I think I am in the same boat. I believe I mailed priority express at the end of the week of Feb 12, I checked tracking the following week and saw that it arrived at the PO BOX a few days later, and then a few hours after that there was a final update on tracking that said package was DELIVERED. I hate limbo, but I can honestly say I feel better seeing others have the similar experience so I'm not seeing anything way out of line... It's our 1st grading submission with cards ever so i hope i didn't mess anything up .. My cards aren't especially valuable in dollars, but extremely valuable to our family as they span the the timeline of 3 of my sons ranging 15-28 years old They all have collected / or still collect Pokemon cards and I basically gave them for XMAS opportunity to each pick 25 cards they wanted graded and we would send them in. We had a blast over the following weeks going through their collections which spanned all the way back to the original released set. And it was cool to have my oldest son come over a few times with his old collection and show his younger brothers the stuff they never saw before... We ended up submitting maybe not the best conditioned cards, but ones they wanted to preserve and have in the holder. The fact that this order is more in sentimental value probably why I'm overly worried. I don't know how you guys that have 10's of thousands of dollars in cards can go through this trust in the mail all the time haha
  17. Mine has never showed up in submission status and I am starting to freak out. its been so long since they received it and they definitely received it. What happens if I forgot to put my order form in the box or failed to secure it correctly. I am starting to lose sleep now. Wow this is driving me crazy!
  18. Bought 4 books. Journey into Mystrery 95 (better than I expected) ASM Annual 6 (amazing cover) Tales to Astonish 59, (omg I love it) XFactor 1st Apocalypse (freakin WOW price) FAAAAAST and SAFE shipping! It literally felt like I received the books the same day I bought them ... Bought them Mon and rec'd Wed!! Holy moly!! AA++ Transaction for my 1st ever buy here THANKS BUDDY!!! MAGICONLINESHOP