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  1. As you are demonstrating. Your pointing to motor boat and acting as if it can turn the Titanic. [/quote Sir...are you on drugs? ] I'm glad we can get a laugh this morning. I needed to smile today. In all seriousness...thanks for the feedback. Your comment really had my gears going.
  2. As you are demonstrating. Your pointing to motor boat and acting as if it can turn the Titanic. [/quote Sir...are you on drugs? ]
  3. Been actively collecting and actually reading since 1985. Spending my lunch money at the local cigarette store to buy my 65 cent Marvels. Now as a more mature collector? I value rarity...and good art. I doubt "dooped" is the reality here. BUT Your reality is exactly that...your own. You can live in any fantasy you wish and deny anything you choose.
  4. I would pay 200 for a graded 9.8. I'm considering a 200 buck set just for a strong 9.8 candidate I think this book is amazing. The stories and art were always good. That painted Moebeus cover is COSMIC! The more I research and think about the numbers? The more I realize the gravity of this issue. The interesting thing is...if this character has a future "breakthrew" (and that is a strong possibility) then this book will become unattainable for someone like myself. I can't believe I'm willing to pay what I would pay. I've never paid over 50 bucks for a book and I never mind "missing the boat". This book is intriguing.
  5. Ummmmm...your really trying to make this "Rocket Science". I think he's point is the "market" or "people" have spoken. We are willing to pay premium for 2nd print books with a more limited print. The books you are claiming were at one time not desirable. There are many reasons why they have become so and why they once we're not. I feel no need to state the obvious. If you think the "market" is suddenly going to reject these 2nd, 3rd, prints? Don't hold your breath. Accept it and let it happen my friend.
  6. In closing on the subject of STATIC 45... If anyone has a high grade or graded copy and wanting to negotiate? Please let me know. I'm willing to pay a premium for a really nice copy. Thanks
  7. You are chasing the "white whale" of modern/late copper comics. Several copies have surfaced due to this thread I think. However this book is extremely difficult to find anywhere even on ebay there are only a few. Ive doubles of 40,41,42, and 43 , but 44 and 45 I never see. Same goes for Hardware 50 which I buy every chance I can find it(Which is no often), because its going to be just as hard to find one of these days if they reboot Milestone. Yes...I was not aware I was chasing the white whale though it's kinda obvious now that I'm really wanting it. Like I said. I have a copy I bought because I used to read the series. It would grade no better than a 6.5-7. I love the book and have it hanging in my work space at home. I'm new here...and going back I saw it was posted here. That just made my fervor for a pristine copy boil . I have never seen it as a "back issue" in shops with the exception of a NM unread set. I'm afraid to wait on it. If they reboot (and that's still in the works) or make an announcement for animation or easter egg for movie? Then I'm done!
  8. well the last ebay auction at the end of oct went for $15.50 and that was graded VF-. It looks like an NM raw would cost you $25-$55 , maybe more as its pretty rare to find in high grade. And with only 1 CGC 9.8 and 1 CGC 9.6 on the registry, I wouldn't be surprised if a CGC 9.8 set you back $125-$200+. Its not the most popular character/comic ever, but most collectors know it to be rare, especially in high grade. This analysis is mostly conjecture, but that's how I would view it...in terms of hunting for a high grade copy, there's some people you can pay to hunt for copper comics.... Ok. Well here's the whole story. I will not buy from ebay and been burned befor. I'm having trouble believing there advertised NM for an asking price of 25.00 adds up. The dealers know how hard it is in high grade and I'm certain most would sub it or ask much more with really good pics. I have a guy in Brooklyn selling an unread set of 1-45 (platinum edition all included). The 45 in that set is perfect with the exception of a small non-color breaking ding on the upper right corner that effects 1st 3-4 pages. It's pressable for certain (I've never had a book pressed). Asking price is a firm 200.00. I'm willing to offer 175.00....well maybe. I have no desire for the set and do not sell comics (unless maybe sell them on ebay to make some money back?) I do not know what is the best choice. I usually have a 50.00 limit or so on a book. If it's more? And I do not have it?? Then I accept "I missed the boat". I just really want this book and slabbed. I love the painted cover and trying to get a true idea of its rarity for a mainstream comic in order to convince myself I should buy. Thanks for all the input (that's includes everyone)
  9. I'm inquiring about a book that I saw was posted months ago. Static 45 milestone/DC I'm very curious as to the rarity of these "last issues" by milestone. I found it on comicrom Jan 1997 at 4,767. http://www.comichron.com/monthlycomicssales/1997/1997-01.html I've read a lot about print number discrepancies and how it is not posable to quote a "printed number"...So I am in no way saying this is true or accurate. Just looking for ideas and views. I own a copy and am interested in finding a very high grade for submission. I do see them on Ebay (not in the condition being claimed) I do not want to waste time and effort if it's not worth it. So please any ideas on an accurate market value, print number, or anything else worth noting. Thanks
  10. Yes! This thread is essential for understanding modern newsstand price variants! Alot of good info there minus a few lost pages of entertainment :-D Ok I finally read it. It does indeed give me a better understanding. Good. I'm glad we at least got through to somebody. Yes. Even though I been collecting since the 80's I find this forum to be the best and only one I actively decided to participate in. You guys a a very difficult bunch but that's what I respect. I use sarcasm sometimes but I respect everyone here and appreciate the different views and information. Thank you.
  11. Yes! This thread is essential for understanding modern newsstand price variants! Alot of good info there minus a few lost pages of entertainment :-D Ok I finally read it. It does indeed give me a better understanding.
  12. They don't seem to be out there. Someone snagged one for a $2.50 BIN where the seller didn't know what they had. The other one is up for $80. There is one that looks like it is up for $7, but if you read the fine print they say the image is the wrong one. Sooooo, on this one it might not be trivial as it is sort of a popularish cover, etc. Dunno what one would actually go for. What, the one that's been sitting there for at least 7 months waiting for a huge sucker? Since when does some random eBay insufficiently_thoughtful_person's asking price mean anything? The price difference is still trivial, whether there is demand for the newsstand edition or not. Why are you mad Are you OK sir? It's just a comic book...it will all be alright. I promise.
  13. Since when is a price variant trivial? Since Star Wars #1 vol.1 lmfaooo Your a funny little man.
  14. Wow...great come back! You are so articulate and original! Yaaaaawn...I'm going to take a nap now. Tootles
  15. I saw I had a response and got excited . Then I checked and it was nothing. Is there something wrong with your keyboard? Or is it a typo?? You didn't say anything kiddo!
  16. Sad isn't it. I hope its for the art, and not for a perception of "investment" isn't this whole thread just about store variants? No long term value in store variants, even if they make the print run 10, or 1. Using popular artists, good art, virgin covers to hide the store logo, etc, doesnt change what it is. Almost everywhere these are talked about, shown, or sold, no one says "store variant" or shows the "back cover".... PS Also, love that cBSi, lists their own store variant as the top book of their top 10 list. the lulz I picked up a couple regular covers. I like the new character (Priest) and hope he stays for a while. I give the story. 7 out of ten. Oh btw.I would never buy this store variant. I'm not an investor or flipper. The price is to much for me to buy for the art. In my opinion it's offensive to be charged 40+ bucks for a new book because it's a "limited variant" ...unless it's part of an actual print run from the company.
  17. Hmmmm...there is a number of things that can happen with X-23. I do not anticipate the ferver that came with deadpool BUT I think she may have more of a "slow burn". Her print numbers for NIX are significantly lower book wise and may have more stability. She is a very different character thaname a Deadpool or a Harley. Really it depends on what Marvel ultimately does with the character in the long run. I'm assuming everyone is worried "investment wise" (Which I am not because I do not sell) Well...investment wise? I SAY SELL SELL SELL AND BUY BUY BUY. There's money to be made now if you like and there's still a lot of room for growth. She not going to tank anytime soon. Will she remain or become one of the "big guns" into the future? Maybe. I mean since we are talking about all this and most of it stems from OLD MAN LOGAN or just LOGAN. Even he is a character to watch. I think an older wolverine works better that the younger. I hope I don't sound brash with that statement. There's a lot of room for growth with him as well. Marvel is going to milk the cow with "last movie hype". Again what his fate is depends on what Marvel does with it.
  18. I'm very aware of what it is. It is newsstand with a price variant. And......? That's it?? Ummmm OK thanks genius BTW I do not mean offence with calling you a "genius". I've read your posts and you make good contribution. But if you paid closers attention you would know that I was aware it was a newstand and asked the community 1st if it would qualify on here. It is in all honesty a book I actively look for since the 90's and have never seen on a wall or back issue box. NEVER
  19. Yeah I think they do. Several of those Marvel ones are very tough in any grade. I still look for the FF60 copy all the time. Hulk 441 price variant. On my list of 150+ books I look for on walls and back issue bins. Never ever found one.
  20. Do "modern price variants" qualify? I'm asking before I open my big mouth . I shop local comic shops and bookstores in the whole tristate area. Never eBay! I know of a book that I have literally never seen in a shop. Ive specifically looked everyplace that I go. Including locations in Florida and down south. There is literally only one book I have never found and I only have because I had purchased it when it came out on the newstand (only 5 issues were ordered for the store). I work there part time and that why I know. Is everybody ready for THE BIG REVEAL? ??
  21. I believe the Hulk 181 reprint will be a big seller. I will buy just to read and see the original art. They are both iconic characters. It is certainly an iconic cover! Recipe for success.
  22. https://www.google.com/search?q=static+45+last+issue&client=ms-android-metropcs-us&prmd=sivn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwik1f-AzufQAhVJslQKHfCeDfgQ_AUICSgC&biw=320&bih=452#imgrc=H_oeU9RctU1huM%3A