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  1. OK so this is an X-23 thread...BUT Any thoughts on collecting She-Hulk (in general) as an investment? Figured it's a fair question as this book is posted and talked about here. I seek knowledge and opinions...I'm not making one. Thanks
  2. 120.00??? Lmfaooo...yeah ok. Those are "real" sales!!
  3. Agree with -J on a lot of these points. Waited a while to get some opinions on this before opening my noob mouth. I've been collecting since 85. I love modern variants collectability but fear we are falling into a 90's trend. I consider as a collector, reader, and general comic lover: STORE VARIANTS ARE NOT AN OFFICIAL PART OF A PRINT. People are buying up these (money grabs) in hopes of making a quick flip and there's nothing wrong with that. I believe in separation of business and hobby. I also believe these overpriced manufactured collectibles will be worthless in the long run. A Mega con variant holds more weight because it's a big venue and a "momento" to collect as a "con" is a big moment for a fan. These are my opinions only as a collector and not investor. And that makes it a very important opinion seeing as how at the end of the day...it's the collector that keeps this whole thing going.
  4. Really though...you guys should stop. I'm a collector with not much time to pay attention to every title, variant, print number, rarity, popularity and so on. If a "site" or forum brings to my attention a title or issue that is rare or desired or special in some way??? Then I may or may not buy it. The information is still welcome to me. I'm not a lemming. I have a job and family and hobbies besides comics. Pumping and dumping? I can give two craps! If your selling what to buy? That's not a bad thing I pay what a comic is worth to me. Overpay or underpay? According to who??
  5. Well...now this is on a whole different level! The art is great in the raw!!! Great piece. WOW!
  6. Titles such as Vengeance 1 2013 Young Avengers All early America Chaves appearances and covers are gaining a lot of attention on ebay. Her 1:10 variant for Ultimates 2 #1 is going for ten bucks (can still be found on stands). There is no "one issue" blowing up. Only a steady slow burn on most of her stuff. Great time to start picking this stuff up.
  7. This is the one. Not valuable I just never see it. Conan / Rune is everywhere but not this one. I think I have about 3 of these. Don't think I have that white collectors edition though. I seem to have come across them (reg. cvr.) quite a bit over the years. Fairly common book and worthless...just saying.
  8. No, it's the inverse-blob theory . . . any book that blob doesn't have or just sold for pennies is now worth zillions, and conversely, any book the blob has twenty copies of is now worth less than cover . . . Story of my life. Inverse Blob!? Lmfaooo...PRICELESS!!!
  9. Interesting indeed! Seems to be about as many copies available. I'm very shocked actually. I'm glad I missed out and did not buy one. Maybe the price will at least correct itself.
  10. 4 years ago I would have agreed fully. Let the new group of card collectors die out. They are slabbing so many books ebay is littered with them. Id like to think it would return to first full app, but it isn't going to any time soon. ..."card collectors" that's kinda a new term for me but I get what's going on Always excited to see where the market and hobby goes. As long as we don't hit the "90's" low!
  11. Well the philosophy seems to be pump rare variants. I'm not knocking "pumping" it's essential to bring attention to certain books to buy and sell. It's what makes the market go around. It's just the variant thing scares the life out of me as a "collector". I buy to keep. Not to flip. I wonder if these variants are going to hold any weight in the future? Is it better to buy the tried and true "1st full"? These are questions I ask myself.
  12. Yes. Very good points! Unfortunately it's the print runs that weaken most of these books (thank God for cgc and 9.8's) but good to have availability and accessibility to the casual reader and collector. They still are the backbone of the hobby.
  13. I wouldn't say I "missed the party" I love both 655 and 656. I'm saying that a variant cover is not going to make this the long term investment. 1st full appearance is the long term. Yes...for now it's 655 (because of the variant craze) I get it. Thanks
  14. To bad it's not the 1st full appearance of Damian. This is a fact. Will it hold its value in the very long run? I say 656 will be the golden boy in many years to come. Is 655 hot now? No doubt about it. Especially with all the pump.
  15. http://m.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=Wolverine+66+2nd+print&isNewKw=1&isRefine=true&mfs=KWCLK&acimp=0&_trksid=p2056088.m2428.l1312.R1.TR0.TRC0&sqp=
  16. Wolverine 66 2nd print. Hot cover...low print run...old man Logan...Nuff said!