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  1. I am pleased to confirm that I have reestablished my access to the Comics Registry.
  2. I could not get into the CGC Comics Registry yesterday, nor today (the Cards Registry seems OK). Is it down? Was/is CGC affected by the global outage?
  3. I nominate @BladeTX for his interesting take on a "The Walking Dead" collection - DOUBLE SIGNED throughout this set - see https://comics.www.collectors-society.com/registry/comics/PeopleSetDetail.aspx?PeopleSetID=123099
  4. Hi MG if you look at the TWD Legacy set in the Registry, you’ll see it has 670 books. That is the complete inventory of the original 2005-2019 issue. i hope this helps. Regards Stephen
  5. Please review the Registry listing for this card in my collection; it should be listed as a Pristine 10. Thank you
  6. When should we expect an announcement on the 2024 Registry Awards, @CGC Mike?
  7. I have made several requests for the addition of a Player Set (and a Rookie Player Set) for the NBA's first MVP, Bob Pettit. Please can I have an update as to WHEN the set will be created. Writing more broadly, I have noticed a thread, updated monthly, of new sets created, but it is a little frustrating not to know the progress on sets NOT created. Regards SA
  8. Thank you for your super-fast response. Appreciated. SA
  9. Dear Sir, I have added card #1017131057 to my cards inventory, but it has recorded as a Gem Mint 10 when it was graded as a Pristine 10. Please correct and confirm. Thank you :-)
  10. I cannot amend or add to the "Set Description" texts for my current sets. I have read through the thread, and cannot see any else mention the same issue...
  11. Hi Maribeth, Thank you for your reply, and noted. I see others asking about "over-size slabs for tallboy cards" such as 1969-70 Topps and 1970-71 Topps, and perhaps CGC will think about this as a new product for the future. However, WHO makes current decisions about Registry card sets? As you know, I am a new collector of CSG/CGC graded cards after having collected CGC graded comics for rather longer. I completely accept that I am a novice, but I am trying to learn. I keep coming across decisions that (to me at least) make no sense, such as the recent two I have raised: 1. NBA season MVPs without a slot in the Registry (and you told me that this extends beyond basketball to other sports too). I think this is an OBVIOUS reason for inclusion in the Registry, and the decision to exclude the five players I have requested should be reviewed. 2. The 75th Anniversary team represents the best 76 players in the history of the BAA/NBA, yet there are only 62 slots in the Registry (you have told me why). As I said, I think that this set is an excellent set for all NBA collectors to collect into, yet currently only (often expensive to acquire) Rookie Cards are included in the set. WHO decided that? I'm sure there is a reason for the decision. Can we have a different (a second) 75th Anniversary Set with slots for ALL cards from the 76 selected players. I'm sure all collectors (customers) would enjoy that set. Certainly I would. If decisions like these seem incorrect, to whom can a paying member appeal? Regards Stephen
  12. I noticed today an established "NBA 75th Anniversary Team" card set in the CGC Registry. I'm really pleased to see this, though I noticed it only has 62 players in the set (when the 75th Anniversary Team was of 76 players; the 50 players selected for the 50th Anniversary, plus 26 new/more recent ones including 11 current players). I also believe that ANY graded card featuring any one of those 76 players should be admissible into this set; it should be set for EVERYONE to collect in. If this is indeed the intention, do we simply request the addition of cards that we wish to see added in the normal way? Regards Stephwn
  13. Hi Ryan, Thank you for your reply, BUT I just checked. It is still NOT showing 10 Pristine. Please review again, and advise. Regards Stephen