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  1. Can you send pics and price for the hulk 181 in VF condition? nathanappel@gmail.com
  2. Thank you. There are only 20 copies of the 4th print on CGC census!
  3. Not a rude question. I paid a little over $200 to get this signed and slabbed. The reason I am selling so low is I need money for a medical procedure.
  4. I have three fourth printings of the dark knight returns. Two are cgc blue label 9.6 and the third is 8.0 sig series Miller/Janson. Please email me at nathanappel@gmail.com Cheers $80 plus $20 shipping $150 plus $20 shipping $80 plus $20 shipping. Items can be combined to save on shipping. No returns, PayPal only. Thank you, Nate
  5. I actually recently bought one of these sets (not autographed) Is there a website similar to this that you could recommend for toy collectors? I'm inclined to break up the set to get the comic graded, but I don't know if it is worth it. Thanks,
  6. Great to hear!!! Yes, it would be interesting to know how many of these were made. What is a Diamond special order?
  7. Do you know how many of these sets were produced? Also, is an insert comic like this, if rare enough, be of value? Thanks, Nate
  8. So far I've learned from everyones experience, GST and DC listed address: this was a comic printed between the early 90's to 2007 There's no number or price on the book, I wonder if it is the same insert in the Dark Knight toy kit?
  9. I had no idea they had such a bad reputation, I noticed CGC numbers didn't correlate with their numbers. The MYSTERY CONTINUES!!!!! Thanks Lazyboy!
  10. So AJ at recalled.com ( a cool resource for rare printings) had this to say about the DKR #1 4th printing: Hi, Many thanks for getting in touch. Although this comic was a 4th printing I'm sure DC would not have re-printed a small volume of these back in 1986 (it would have had to have been profitable to re-print this again) so I would guess they were printed in the thousands at the time. There are certainly a few available for maybe $10 upwards depending on condition and their value probably explains the lack of numbers in the CGC census (i.e. a 4th printing is maybe not something worth grading unless it has significant value). However, it is certainly likely that the 4th print is rarer than the other prints so there would probably be fewer of them around today compared to earlier printings. Kind regards AJ
  11. Here are pics I took of the inside of the cover and splash page
  12. Interesting that it went thru four printings in the same month. Cover paper is different than the first printing, it's similar thick card stock but it's matte and almost chalky looking
  13. There was a 4th print, it says 4th print on the inside followed by 'made in china" You can even check the cgc registry. I am curious about this printing as I have no idea if it's super scarce or not, etc.
  14. Agreed, just fascinated by the mystery around this book.
  15. Looking at the pictures of the ended auction, the book was stapled, not bound, and "made in China"
  16. The only completed sale I saw was the one posted for $20! I checked the CGC archives, only 8 copies of the 4th printing are in their catalog.