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  1. Torpedo says that they will do it in 2023! we will see
  2. Here are some cool vhs horror covers
  3. that's a good question. I would stick to US releases first and Canadian releases second. There is the case for instance of the movie Star Was Episode 3 from 2005 that Does not have a US Release on VHS But it does have a UK And or Australian release. That would be a good tape to get imo. Also if you can find foreign horror movies 1st releases with great covers you cannot go wrong.
  4. Absolutely. Go to ebay sold listing and look for "sealed vhs" and "horror vhs" and take notes of what sold over $100 and make your own list. then Hit every possible Thrift store / Antique Store and Flea Market near where you live because there is gonna be plenty of opportunities to buy sealed vhs at a very low cost and some of those will command big numbers in an auction. also I have posted on my instagram some samples of good value sealed vhs @dreamtoreal1 if you want to take a look. PS: Do not buy Disney tapes. those are common ha!
  5. In my opinion best investment options with sealed vhs are - Horror titles from the 80s sealed (VHS has incredible horror covers and I believe they will do extremely well in an auction) also they are scarce as most of the horror movies were opened to be watched so population report should be relatively low (like precode horror comics) Movies released from 1980 -1985 1st releases with watermarks like Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Karate Kid, Star Wars, etc I consider 1980-1985 the golden age of vhs so any classic/cult movies from that time period will have a tremendous nostalgia factor behind it Movies with Superstars like Sylvester Stallone (Rambo/Rocky Movies) Arnold Swarzeneger (Predator/Terminator) but not the 90s movies with them Stay away from movies from 1989-2004 unless you can buy them really cheap (because there are a ton of those out there (think modern comics) ironically 2005/2006 releases should be a good investment because 2006 was the last year vhs was produced so movies like Batman Begins, I Robot, Napoleon Dynamite should have strong value. at that time people and also last movie ever release on vhs "A Hystory of Violence" with Viggo Mortensen
  6. Fun to see you there hunting Senor! Great Report
  7. It will happen B! Have Faith! this is Orange County not LA ha!
  8. I will go to this one if it happens!
  9. Was nice to see you Bob. Was a fun comic meetup.thanks for coming!
  10. I think www.vhsdna.com is gonna be setting up there. Please share pics of their booth!
  11. Hi Guys ! One book today Shipping: FREE in the US (No international shipping. sry) . No list people pls. Payment: PayPal only (I would appreciate payment within the first 48 hours of claiming a book). No Returns on graded books. I have a Kudos here and also more books on my Instagram @Dreamtoreal1 and for references also First in the thread trumps all else. Feel free to drop any questions my way via PM or if you need more pics. Thanks guys !
  12. Austin is a great seller. He is easy to work with. Replies quick to messages. Buy with confidence.
  13. Great books Austin Good luck with the sale
  14. closed. Moved to my instagram thanks guys
  15. Hi Larry. Yes this one Is fine for a refund if not happy with it. Comic has been removed fromt the case but label is included
  16. Yes it has been removed. But label will be shipped with the comic Apologies for the confusion Sharon