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  1. Maybe I am in the minority but I like CSG strict grading and the price point at $12 buck a card is just right for the cards i am submitting. I got back about 500 cards back so far and 90% have been 9 or 9.5 and five 10s. The turnaround times are improving. In terms PSA, it still may be a while before Value tier opens up, based on PSA podcast they still have 5.8 million cards in backlog. The resale value is a concern but over time this should also improve. good luck with your submissions
  2. I agree resell value for CSG is very low at this point however, turnaround times are significantly better than PSA and Beckett. I have 5 bulk orders returned from CSG and it is about 6 months however PSA and Beckett are over a year now. My PSA order from Jan of 2021 is still being researched. Price point also makes sense for some submitters.
  3. thats really helpful, I didnt know the highest grade can only be 1 point higher than the lowest sub grade.
  4. I haven't got the card back yet, so will post more when the card comes in. My issue is more with the overweighting of the surface category. the other 3 grades are solid at 9,9,7 but still only got a 4.5 overall.
  5. Just got this Serena Williams card back from CSG. Sub grades are: Corners 9 Centering 9 Edges 7 Surface 4 The overall grade was 4.5. CSG seems very harsh on surface and there seems to be an overweighting of the surface category. With 9's for centering and corners I expected the overall grade to be higher. What are others experience on surfaces grading?
  6. Just got this Kobe card back from CSG with a solid 9.5 grade. There are only 7 PSA 10 grades of this card in the pop report.
  7. how do you save the CSG images, when i click on the image, it states the image is copyrighted.
  8. I got my last bulk order which was received 9/27 and sent 1/27, which was about 100 business day. No bad turnaround time given it was listed at 165 days and PSA and beckett turnaround times for bulk are over 1 year.
  9. eBay Launches Authentication for Trading Cards and they will be using CSG to authenticate cards. Some big news for CSG.
  10. I got back 301 CSG cards back so far and 85% were 9 or 9.5 and 4 were a 10. All the cards were over 20 years old. Acceptable grade however CSG seems very tough on the surface grade.
  11. I did a quick search to see the number of graded cards on ebay for each of the major grading companies. Below are the approximate results: PSA - 141,862 BGS - 23,705 SGC - 16,134 CSG - 4,004 HGA - 2,652 I was a bit surprised to see BGS number so low relative to PSA. Can any of these companies catch PSA in the next 5 years? .
  12. The only reason why I submitted to CSG is because PSA and BGS services for lower tiers are suspended right now. The $30 price point for SGC is too high for the cards I am submitting so I gave CSG a try. So far I got back 230 cards and only got two 10s and 85% of the rest of the cards with 9 or 9.5. The cases look great but the low resell value continues to be a concern. And while there have been lots of complaints about turnaround time at CSG, 6 months for bulk is not bad considered PSA and BGS are over a year right now. For the cards I am submitting the price makes sense.
  13. Below is the timeline for the 3 bulk orders I have received so far.
  14. I would like to see CSG move to complete through date like PSA. PSA backlog was in the millions and they just scraped trying to predict turnaround times and now only use CTD. So much simpler and clear cut.
  15. I got 2 of my bulk orders from April so yours should be coming any day now.
  16. from my 52 cards submission I managed to get 2 10.
  17. Thats a big jump in TAT to 171 days, it previously was about 129 days. They must have gotten a large in flow of packages. I am hoping my bulks come back in Christmas.
  18. I finally received my 1st bulk order of 113 card, the cases look great and definitely tough graders. 85% of the cards were 9.0 or 9.5 and 15% were 8.5. I did not receive any 10 however these cards were about 20 years old. Overall I cant complain with the $7.20 per card and the six month turnaround time. PSA and BGS are at over 1 year turn around time. While I agree CSG bungled the rollout of service and the turnaround times but its a solid choice in light of the current grading market. The only other options is SGC for $30 a card and a two to three week turnaround time. For low end cards, I think CSG is a great choice and the slabs look great.
  19. My two bulk were just recently shipped. See dates below 6/21 received and 10/16 shipped. 6/23 received and 10/19 shipped. All total about 6 and half months from beginning to end for bulk orders. Compared to PSA and BGS who both have turnaround times over one year for the lowest tier, CSG turnaround times has been solid.
  20. I have three bulk orders received below and all with different status. Its interesting the newest order is almost done while the order from 6/11 is in GEI. 6/11 - GEI 6/21 - grading/ quality control 6/23 - quality control/ finalized.
  21. same here, I have been in grading/ capsulation/imaging for over 3 months.
  22. I wanted to create a turnaround time thread and see what others experience has been so far. I currently 4 bulk orders all received in April, which are all in grading/encapsulation/imaging phase. I am exactly at 6 months so far. Curious if others have received any bulk orders yet?
  23. Newbie question, how long is the grading/quality control stage for economy? thanks.