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  1. Found this one with a detective top left and Sub mariner #1 center near top
  2. Read the old price guides (Overstreet) and fandom mags newspapers so on. Read them till the pages start falling out.. Nothing like old school learning. Trust me.The satisfaction is much greater than staring in a screen.
  3. This is a great avenue to take. Old CGC blue grades are awsome as most were not pressed or cleaned. Unfortunately majority see comics as $$ signs and will do whatever to increase their investment. Me my glory days of a teen in the 80s exploring the golden age was amazing. Just finding that rare issue and looking at it in awe was truly awsome but I have to admit I also saw the $$ potential way back lol. So I'm a hypocrite lol. Yes you did good find more and that's where you will find untapped findings still . Best of luck! And added by jokiing and MagicMan_2017 this was excellent advice getting graders notes. Edited by Ablue
  4. Sold same X-Men #1 in ebay. For around 2k and change. Buyer said well this and that and will submit to CGC. Well of course got a raving review as it came back to him as a 7.5 CGC blue lol. If he still has it I'm Sure he is very happy. Cheers
  5. 2002 I bought an as is X-men1 from a guy in Austrailia for $1800. CGC then graded it for its new owner as 7.5
  6. Don't sell on EBay unless you are ready for C/B .Not like it used to be.Too many what if's now
  7. I don't know why anyone would go for "quick" there is no such thing. Either its right or wrong
  8. It's never too late bro. So many avenues still.
  9. "... the prejudices people feel about each other disappear when they get to know each other." I don't know of your "God" he may have come after my time
  10. Hi. I'm Ablue. I guess I'm new since I'm not here much but glad to see you all here.
  11. When I first came on I realized that there was a huge misconseption between restored and preserved. Of course the rest is history but I did find out that if you invade a group that has it's mind set at one thing you have to be the one to step up and take the shots as it's inevitable. No one ever changed anything without intervention.
  12. I would say Batman was his own enemy.
  13. No need to insult someone asking questions on a forum where we are here to help one another
  14. I would invest in old label cgc grades . Back in the day pressing and cleaning were regarded as a no no but now there is a treasure trove of grades that were strictly graded that can turn into a grade or 2 more if conventional measures are taken which are accepted now