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  1. I believe so for the sketch art one, I was glad she signed it too!
  2. Just three new ones in from CGC, soon to be mounted on my wall:
  3. Let me know, maybe can work something out to take off your hands!
  4. Thanks for all the tips, going to deslabb it and send in to CGC shortly here!
  5. Have a the incredible hulk 180 graded by PGX that I acquired some number of years ago, maybe even a decade ago. PGX graded at 2.5. Any thoughts on having CGC pressing and regrade worth it?
  6. Here are a few that I recently mounted in my man cave/office!
  7. yepper, I do, a Van Helsing #1 and a X-MEN The Movie Wolverine cover Prequel # 1 (2000). both are 9.6 - 9.8
  8. So getting a signature from Hugh Jackman and on the fence on which of these I should get. I realize personal choice, but still deciding to see what the greater community thinks: Wolverine #1 Limited Frank Miller 1982 CGC 7.5 or Wolverine #1 (4TH SERIES) MARVEL 2013 CGC 9.8 already signed by Stan Lee or Hulk #180 non-CGC graded company that starts with "P" 2.5 (will have cracked and done by CGC) or Van Helsing #1 not graded, but IMO near mint, 9.6+ Thanks!
  9. I saw that they just added Ralph Macchio to NY Comic Con for signing. I already have a CGC slabbed Cobra Kai; The Karate Kid Saga Continues # 1 signed from last year by Martin Kove, Peyton List, Xolo Mariduena, Mary Mouser & William Zabka. Would be great to get Macchio signature as with CGC witness and then get slabbed again. I see that CGC says" CGC Comics, CSG, and CGC Trading Cards will be onsite to accept submissions", but how do I do that? Do I pay them and they will they get the signature for me or do I need to pay and stand inline to get the signature and just grab a CGC person to witness (before hand)? If so, who un-slabbs and all that? Thanks for any input!
  10. What are you charging per each signature? I would want 5 on one comicbook and get it submitted to CGC. Thanks Martin Kove 50.00 Mary Mouser 40.0 Peyton List 40.00 William Zabka 60.00 Xolo Mariduena: : 40.00
  11. Signed by Stan Lee and John Romita Signed by Stan Lee Signed by Brie Larson Signed by Zachary Levi more to come including a CGC Detective Comics 1000 JeeHyung Lee ""Virgin"" Edition WITH MARGOT ROBBIE sig too....CGC 9.9
  12. Signed by Karen Allen, John Rhys-Davies and Harrison Ford! One of kind I believe!
  13. I found this: https://marvelcinematicuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Darcy_Lewis It says the following are here first appearances, guessing in that order? I have Thor Adaption #1, which would appear to be her 2nd appearance? It was released in 2013, and the Fury one was released in 2012, so that would be her 1st appearance. I ordered the Fury one earlier so will get it prob next week. I already paid for the CGC for her signature on Thor Adaption one, so either I get with CGC to swap out or I just do two sigs, which is okay I guess, 1st and 2nd appearances might be okay The Avengers Prelude: Fury's Big Week Thor Adaptation Thor: The Dark World Prelude Thor: Ragnarok Prelude
  14. Sounds great all, appreciate the input, will be going with the RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK #3!!
  15. Got a spot to get a Harrison Ford signature on a comic. Got these and can't decided which one to send in: 1) Star Wars #1 (1977) 2) Star Wars #91 (Already signed by Stan Lee CGC sig series) 3) RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK #3 (Already signed by Karen Allen and John Rhys Davies CGC sig series) 4) Further Adventures of Indiana Jones #1 (not previously signed, CGC 9.6) Leaning towards Star Wars #1 but wanted to get someone input in case I am missing anything! ps...not sure about SW #91 with Stan Lee as other then Marvel publisher at the time, he didn't really have much to do with Star Wars.... TIA!!
  16. Just a follow up, guess I will call it fate, with COVID everything cancelled, so got my Captain America Comics #77 hanging back on my wall with Stan Lee and John Romita jr sigs only. No Chris Evans. Think I will leave as is. thanks for all the input!
  17. Totally makes sense. Will have to take that into account as I move forward. Thanks
  18. I see what you are saying and makes sense, had not thought of it like that. I actually have two modern day comics signed by Evans and CGC'd already, so maybe I can just leave alone. As for Batman, makes sense too. I happen to have some nice copies of the Batman comics from the movie back when Keaton was in the role, so maybe I will just go with those as well and leave the Batman #10 in the case.
  19. Ok, yeah I see there are different views. In my case, I have a CGC Captain America #77 already signed by Stan Lee and John Romita and having it signed in the future by Chris Evans as well, I figure that since it is already signed, adding Chris Evans shouldn't hurt, again, give it has already been signed. The next is different, I have a CGC Batman Comics #10 that I have an opportunity to get signed by Michael Keaton end of this summer, so wondering if that would diminish the value or appeal. For the record, I am looking both for appeal/bragging rights (75%) and future value (25%), but I am more of a collector and less of a seller, having only sold two GA comics in 5 years. The rest I have mounted on my office wall and plan to pass on to my kids in the future and they may keep or sell, depending on their situation decades from now, who knows. The kids have some signed comics, and they are all personalized, like a Captain Marvel #1 CGC 8.00 by Brie Larson with a personal inscription with my daughters name, as well as a SA Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot personal inscription with my daughters name. My son has one for Marvel Avengers #3 Photo cover of Loki, again, CGC and personal inscription with his name from Tom Hiddleston and another from Benedict Wong with his name as well. Those ones are collection items for them, given their names being on it, not sure how they would fair in the market place.
  20. So have a question about signatures on GA comics. Is there any advantage or disadvantage to having someone like say Chris Evans sign a golden age Captain America? Or say having Michael Keaton sign a golden age Batman Comics? Or is just really a personal preference........
  21. Hi all, if you are going to SDCC would you be able to pick up a copy of Exiles #2 and #1 (Tess Thompson cover) and get them signed and sent to me? Obviously too late for me to get and ship out, I of course will pay for the comics and signing fee and shipping and time and effort? Let me know and thanks!
  22. Hi all, anyone going to SDCC that would be able to pick up a copy of Exiles #2 and #1 (Tess Thompson cover) and get them signed and sent to me? Obviously too late for me to get and ship out, but wondering if anyone wants to strike a deal, I of course will pay for the comics and signing fee and shipping and time and effort? Let me know if there are any takers. TIA!