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  1. Reading through this thread, I should post a picture of my kids' comic room. Over the summer I built them a loft, with a new spinner rack full of comics next to the ladder, and up the loft are beanbag chairs and superhero decals on the walls. Figure if I never had a comic room, I'd at least give them one.
  2. You should have taken into account the post office being closed on Columbus Day when you submitted in June....
  3. I'm still kicking myself that a few years back a local craigslist guy wanted $40 for a spinner, but I didn't have the energy to drive 40 min to go pick it up. Then again, the triplets were taking up more of my time then....
  4. Actually found a decent collection of comics this weekend at a garage sale (my previous record find was the comic adaption of Batman Returns....). For $15 I got: 1) The Filth TPB ($19.99 MSRP) 2) Irredeemable Vol. 1 TPB ($9.99 MSRP) 3) Irredeemable Vol. 2 TPB ($16.99 MSRP) 4) Irredeemable Vol. 3 TPB ($16.99 MSRP) 5) Jonah Hex No Way Back HC ($19.99 MSRP) 6) Coward TPB ($14.99 MSRP) 7) Trouble HC ($19.99 MSRP) 8) Hybrid Bastards! HC ($17.95 MSRP) 9) Witchblade Vol. 1 TPB ($9.99 MSRP) 10) Locke & Key Vol. 1 TPB ($19.99 MSRP) 11) Greek Street Vol. 1 TPB ($9.99 MSRP) 12) I, Zombie Vol. 1 TPB ($14.99 MSRP) 13) Hitman #34 14) Nightwing #1-8, 10-12, 24-25 And this is on top of a craigslist find last week of 30 Sonic the Hedgehog comics, 21 Roger Rabbit comics, and 16 Disney comics (plus a bunch of other junk) for $6 for my kids to eventually read. Now to track down a cheap spinner rack for them
  5. Does seem to be a bit of poor marketing there They should distance themselves from him by renaming the store "1,000,001 comix"
  6. Wait. Seriously? I'm picturing a random "John Byrne" set up at a table in his shop with a bunch of real John Byrne comics around him, and a line forming for the random guy to put his signature on the comic-guy's books. Is this really what you're saying??
  7. Did he say to expect it delivered on Monday by USPS?
  8. Here's a general question. My comics are not in bags and boards. I have them bound 22-30 at a time in hardcovers. Would it help to use microchamber paper? And if so, how many, and where in the book?
  9. These were the best! I think I still have a handful in a box somewhere....
  10. That's how the title of the original EC comic is spelt. That's just historically sad. I thought this was a hilarious joke. Now I see that you were serious
  11. Exactly. That wonderful EC drawing should have been his response to realizing and owning up to the fact that he had procrastinated 3 years in returning a contracted drawing. Not as an apology for procrastinating 3 years, finally sending you a 3 minute sketch, and inadvertently (?) offending you with a hidden image.
  12. So judging by his previous actions....you should expect it in 6 months?
  13. And then my old Commodore 64. Favorite games included: BMX Racers and Tooth Invaders
  14. That's great. I knew it'd work out in the end, after all, "patience is a virue."
  15. I believe it is: "Have you got any balls?" "No no, we're ladies" "Tennis balls" "Oh sorry, silly me, I thought you meant bollocks""
  16. No, that's not what happened. The reason I read 98 pages was to actually see a train wreck. But just at the moment the train's wheels slipped on that penny placed on the train track, and the 52-car long freight train just became air born, there was no crash. Instead, there was a black screen with the following text: "The train landed, but we shouldn't go into specifics. The end." Two thumbs down.
  17. *Sigh* Shortly after the kids woke up at 4:30am, I found this thread. A few hours later, I got to page 98. Major thread let-down...
  18. What? I thought that this was the plan, and that next we were all going to go after ebay sellers whose blurry pictures suggested their comics were of a higher grade than they actually are!
  19. I don't think I posted these yet, but this is half a mural I've been working on for the kids' room.