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  1. To OP.. I read most of the answers, and since this is bit old maybe you've moved on, but I can see no right or wrong, just do what you want. I've been majorly robbed before, lost many things of value, was also a firefighter and saw things worth far more than valuable comics lost, priceless family items etc.. Your life is all you got, so maybe get it insured, display it, enjoy the heck out of it, and if something happens, it happens
  2. Thanks everyone.. And, Not A Clone, if I get it graded professionally I'll let you know the grade. I'm at the point of my learning curve that so far my slabbed books would have been better off left alone if I want to sell, by the time you factor in FedEx etc. Wish they had a convention closer I'd just show up and get 'em done in person
  3. Well that's been 3 replies (thank you all by the way!) so I will now fess up.. In my limited grading experience I definitely went higher and put it at Very Fine (old scale), or an 8 (number scale). I have no doubt all of your experience is much greater than mine, so I'm guessing I'm off. I used two tutorials for my grading analysis: Heritage Auctions site, and MyComicShop. The Heritage site actually led me to believe that the color rub that Not A Clone mentions could still allow it to fall at an 8. Also, when I compare my book to others I found on eBay, and looked at their photos and their grades, I could immediately see that the sheen and color of mine was better than many, but this does not come across in my pics because I don't have a scanner, just an iPhone So, I am holding hopefully at an 8, but completely open to any of you telling me why it's really more of a 5/ very good. Thanks again!
  4. Going through my older comics I came across this and had forgotten I had it! As I've mentioned in other threads I'm old to collecting but newer to grading. After a few early mistakes where I submitted books to be graded/slabbed that came back far below what I had guessed, I've begun to study my books in more detail. I have a grade in mind for this book, which I will admit to after I've received a few back (I will be honest, even if I was way off Thank you
  5. Awesome, thanks for your thoughts! Yes, if someone gave me $65 I'd take it (it's for sale currently) but considering taking it down and actually framing it cuz I love the cover as well. I thought hanging it as a slab, but you're right, with the few I have slabbed I almost wish I hadn't spent the money as none of them came back in the 9's, and that seems to be where today's slab collector's spend their money (unless it's something insanely rare).. I wrote this on another thread as well, but grading has developed into something very different from when I collected. Every comic in my collection I purchased in the 70s and 80s. And this particular issue of Ghost Rider would have been considered a "great" copy by the standards of my friends and fellow collectors at the time. The words "color breaking crease" didn't exist for us, we might have said "Yeah, there's a tiny fold" and the other guy would've replied, "That's not much of a fold. Hell they come off the shelf like that sometimes!" And we would have agreed we got a great copy. Bad copies had tears, missing pages, split spines, and Kool-aid spilled on the cover Just my experience and opinion, not against the current ways, but realized what I thought were great books aren't in the condition people look to spend money on today.. And I do appreciate your thoughts!
  6. It's a fold. You can see it on lower portion of first page as well.. Prices for me are subjective, but I would like to know what you thought about it's grade, and if you had an opinion or not as to it being worth getting slabbed? Thank you!
  7. I'm guessing this isn't an overly valuable comic, but I have always loved this cover art as well as the opening page. Am wondering what you all thought, and if this issue is worth getting slabbed, thank you.
  8. Thanks! Please read my reply to Dino, all of it applies to you as well Really appreciate your time, and any future posts will include full scans!
  9. Wow, pretty good, thank you. It came back 6.5 and (being new at this) I really thought it under graded. But the more I study I'm beginning to see how far the science of grading has come. When I was buying at weekend flea markets in the 70s and 80s as long as the pages were intact, no big tears or loose staples, and a shiny cover, we'd call that "a pretty good comic." I actually thought this Joker was at least an 8 based on my history of collecting and trading -- And please realize the whole cgc number thing is completely new to my way of thinking. I do come from a different point of view with regards to comic collecting, but now that I'm starting to sell off my collection, get certain issues slabbed and graded professionally, I am trying to learn. Thank you for your time!
  10. Thank you for your response. The only notes I saw were general. They gave the exact same notes for every comic submitted, and since the grades all varied the notes gave no insight/value. It did say I could pay for, what I imagine, are actual detailed notes... I posted the pics, but someone said on another thread not to post encapsulated books, so I understand if I don't get feedback. I don't want to open the case tho. If I sell it I hope whoever gets it ends up with a better grade if they do examine it closer
  11. Already encased. Curious if anyone has thoughts about what they can see with the case. I will post what the grade was. I am new but was bit surprised by grade it received, so hoping to learn! Thanks
  12. No notes. It was already getting spendy so I started cost-cutting, but if they're usually worth it I'll do in the future.
  13. Hi, fairly new here. Wondering if it was worth posting close up photos of the corners of a slabbed book, or if it's too difficult to tell? I know little about grading and was somewhat surprised by a grade I received -- I don't wish to contest it, I wish to understand what I missed. Thx
  14. Ohhhhh, man. I am such a noob! I was looking at the cover and realized there is a 'printed' signature of Bill's on the cover, which is I'm pretty sure what is meant by signed. Think I just answered my own question, so thanks for being tolerant of me and maybe this will help someone else down the line!
  15. Hi, I listed Marvel Comic Moon Knight #1 on eBay. When I looked at my ad again, under the ebay catalog info I realized it said "signed" next to artists name. I always choose "prefill with eBay catalog info" since I thought it was the official publishing info on the comic -- But seeing the word "signed" concerns me as my comic does not contain any actual autographs or signatures. I do not say signed in the ad title, or anywhere else, but someone reading the pre-filled info will see it, and I wondered if has a separate meaning in the comic world when you are reading the pre-filled info? -- There are already bids on item so it is a bit concerning that I might be misrepresenting the item. Please see the screenshot I attached of what the "pre-filled" info looks like. Where is says 'signed' next to Bill's name. Thank you
  16. Ok, so I'll answer my own question (for other newbies, or anyone who encounters similar issue): It was a case of having to scroll through every single pre-loaded title and choose that title from the list on the submission page to be eligible for the discounted rate. Even though I typed in the exact same title it would gray out the "Modern Tier" rate option, but if I went back and scrolled through the hundreds (thousands?) of title;es and then clicked on that title, it accepted my entry and allowed me to make the Modern Tier selection. Thanks for putting up with me
  17. Hi, started collecting during the 1970s, stopped after the 80's. All my comics are Silver or Bronze for most part. Still have most of my collection but learning about grading and selling off a few. I have a preference for Iron Man and Avengers, so keeping most of those .. Also really loved Unknown Soldier for years
  18. Hi, new guy here. I searched boards and couldn't find answer -- though I'm sure someone else already asked this, so sorry to bug you all with it, but: I am trying to submit a comic under "Modern tier" -- The comic is valued at under $200 and is from 1980, but this tier is grayed out and seems to want to force me to the "value tier". What am I missing? Thank you!