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  1. Silver Surfer #10 = 7.0 (+2) X-Men #87 = 9.2 (+2) Jungle Action #21 = 9.0 (+2) Web of Spidey #51 = 5.5 (+2) Y: The Last Man #1 = 9.2 (+1) Consistent if nothing more +9 this round and another basketball score for me Thanks Mike for all your hard work again! And all the others who contribute to this wonderful (but frustrating) contest! Cheers to all the participants!!
  2. Redemption Round 3rd round 3 bullseyes 3 points I should stop now while I'm ahead!
  3. May the grading gods have mercy on us all........and yep they're in!
  4. WOW! What the hell!!!??? I don't have a clue what I was looking at when I graded Superman #50. Score 11 that round for me with a big 5 on Supes alone! I am pretty much in agreement with everyone else on the other books. Very tough round!
  5. 9.0 IMHO I don't think that is a colour rub on the "L" in Marvel at the top of the page. I think it is a printing defect and would not effect your overall grade. Having said that, I wouldn't take my word for anything given my performance in the latest grading tournament LOL Thanks for posting!
  6. Yep, not gonna miss this time!!!! Grades are in! (The "shot in the dark" meme is not meant for Mike, sorry if it appeared that way)
  7. Ummmm......Not exactly what I meant when I said " I nailed it!" Avengers #10 = 9.0 (-2) Frankenstein #13 = 9.2 (0) Showcase #97 = 8.5 (-4) Spidey #252 = 8.0 (-1) Superman #75 = 9.0 (-2) TOTAL = (-9) I call Mulligan!!!!
  8. 9.2 IMHO soft corners and a number of spine tics would prevent this copy from grading any higher. I don't believe a clean and press would improve on this grade either. Thanks for sharing!
  9. 8.5 IMHO as the book stands, mostly due to the dirt and bottom corner bend. A clean and press should definitely help and I would think 9.4 or higher is achievable. Thanks for posting!
  10. 9.0 IMHO nice copy that could improve with a clean and press. Thanks for posting!