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  1. Yeah, I was wondering as well...seems that he placed some kind of cone/circle template and used an airbrush to color the area white. Not sure.
  2. That's awesome and probably the best way to do a remarque on these type of published covers.
  3. Sorry to hear that. It does sound unusual as the majority of everything I've sen have been 9.8's. Would love to see a pic of the Mojo.
  4. As far as I know, they’ve all been completed. Maybe not?
  5. The last three books I was waiting on.... Split Pete/Spidey face like a tattoo Black Widow Snapdragon Was pleasantly surprised to see the Fanfare's come back as 9.8's...I was thinking maybe 9.2/9.4...I did have CCS press them.
  6. Awesome! But sorry about the scratched cases...CGC should reencapsulate them for free, I'd think.
  7. Yep, I asked for EP IV classic hair buns.
  8. Finally! These were MORE than worth the wait..I am super excited and thrilled about these! Could not have asked for more. (although I do have three more on the way...those are published covers with space for a small sketch; haven't seen them yet).
  9. Thanks for your feedback. Now that I look at it closer there is something weird going on in that area. There are two black dots on the inside behind the comics code logo. The guy I sent it to is know as one of the premier resto guys...I think he'd have caught that..so weird. I'm not sure what it is. Here are some pics including one with a blacklight.
  10. Thank you as always for your detailed and informed analysis. Cover is actually well attached, it just has tears around the staples, only really noticeable when the front cover is opened. Not loose at the staples, either.
  11. Just got this one back from one of the top restoration/presssing guys...I initially sent it to him to have the tape on the inside front cover removed (not even sure why it's there)...He said he could remove it, but determined because of the type of ink used on these early SA Marvel's, the ink would lift when the tape was removed. So I decided to just have him clean and press it. He definitely improved the book, but there is still a bit of a bubble on the front right side because of the tape. There is still a bit of creasing in the bottom right back cover. I did a small bit of cleaning on it myself after it was returned but much of the dirt or marks are just embedded in that old paper fiber. Overall it's a very nice book...just that bit of chipping along the right edge and that damn tape. There are also tears around the staples, mainly when you look at it opened. My initial thought was 4.0, but he insured it as if it were a 6.5. I don't think it's that's high, but maybe 5.0/5.5? Any thoughts welcome. Thanks!
  12. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. I’m in Bergen county.
  13. Beautiful! Congrats. I’m waiting on a Leia as well..they’ve moved to G/E/I so hopefully they’ll ship next week sone time.
  14. Thanks, yeah will def clean/press. Wondering if I should do anything about the tide line. I know there are a few guys that can reduce that but scared CGC might call it out as resto. Depending on their method. But actually looks like I’ll be selling it raw to a friend, so he can decide down the line if he wants to do any additional work on it.
  15. The water damage and tide-line are holding it back; I’m thinking 3.0 because of the staining. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks.
  16. Four more that just showed up..just beautiful work. Looks like he did a bunch in February as his rep had mentioned he'd be doing. Mine are still in the 'Scheduled For Grading' and 'Received at CCS' stages but two of my friends have seen theirs move to the Grading/Encapsulation/Imaging stage.
  17. Ah, you're right, I checked my slips and I see the name is on there. Well, at any rate, just hoping he was able to get a bunch more done this past month.
  18. I don't think Arthur knows what comics come from where. He's just handed the comics in their window bags, pretty sure. I think he'll continue the quality he's been doing as it wouldn't be fair for the rest of us who only want the art for our collections, after he's put so much work into the others, which, sadly, a good number of them are just for flipping. Looking forward to seeing yours when you get them - please post them when you do!
  19. Also 4.5 because of the spine wear. Maybe eek out a 5.0??