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  1. How long do the labels run for and how often do new ones come out? Thank you
  2. Better pay for the fast track, otherwise add a year to that 10 months.
  3. CCS has been in progress for several months on my Hulk 180 and 182. Been 9 months already. Guess it has till around 14 months for Economy. Then I have another 10 months for grading. Probably last books I will submit to CGC unless they get the turnaround times WAY down. 2 years for 2 very important books to me is crazy.
  4. I sent my Hulk 180 and 182 in 6/5/2021 to be pressed and graded to go with my 181. Just found out that my books will be in limbo for 2 YEARS before I get them back. 14 months for pressing and another 10 for grading. WOW. That is insane.
  5. Not sure. I'm just hopping that the Submission Tracker shows them as they currently aren't showing up when I check.
  6. Right now is forever. They're extremely backed up. I sent in IH180 and IH182 back in May last year. They just finished the C&P and no idea on the grading because the submissions have disappeared and haven't returned in a couple weeks. I've emailed numerous times and gotten zero response.
  7. It's possible. I bought a Spider-Man 9/11 all black cover newsstand edition off eBay. Sent it in for Romita and Hanna Auto and Remarque and it came back 9.8. Not bad for all the shipping it went through from eBay to me, me to CGC, all the handling. The one you have presented looks in great shape and a C&P could very well turn out a 9.8. Guess it just depends on how the grader is feeling that day.
  8. agree with many, C&P and it is probably a 9.0 if not better.
  9. Just received my #15 in the mail today. Will be submitting soon as I get all my other books I am waiting on for the past several months