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  1. Strange Tales #114 CGC 7.5 $335 Take please
  2. Nice label...err comic. What a massive difference in quality from a 9.6 to a 9.9..
  3. CGC's statement in essence is it's a "for sure maybe" eventually. Best way to build confidence in your product is to not cover people who get shorted by your ineptness. Classic
  4. Case of CGC adding insult to injury. Incredibly short sighted on CGC's behalf "again". They should get a PR person for there PR person. I hope that it works out for you Dan.
  5. Normal terms gets the book, PM reasonable offers. No HOS/PL thanks No returns on CGC graded comics Payment is paypal in U.S. funds I'm shipping from Canada shipping to Canada and U.S is 30 bucks Two copies of Something is Killing the Children 1 Black Cape Comics Edition CGC 9.8 Cert # 4368844013 $850.00. Cert# 4368844012 $850.00 Something is Killing the Children 1 First Print CGC 9.8 Cert # 4368844011 $600.00 Something is Killing the Children 1 Sixth Print CGC 9.8 Cert # 4368844010 $500.00
  6. Purchased a NM ASM 220 from Alex, Nice comic, fantastic packing and quick shipping. Thank you very much.
  7. Treasure Comics 7 : Frank Frazetta first "Solo" published work. https://www.frazettagirls.com/blogs/news/frazetta-in-comics
  8. I wonder how many Ffffssss Black Rock give about comics. Any respectability CGC ever had is long gone. It has been proven over and over again with multiple issues from damaging historical books for the sake of "improved" grades, gift grades for "Pedigree" collections for major auction houses, horrible grading especially as of late, and outrageously egregious quality control. This "scam" is just a symptom of a broken business , it was going to happen sooner or later with what seems nobody at the rudder. Who really cares what CGC is "doing behind the scenes", there apathy and greed created the perfect storm and it's come home to roost. I feel bad for the "customers" who were taken in this scam in CGC's corporate apathetic slothful greed.
  9. Besides the Scammy Douchenozzleness , of this situation it really shows the glaring QC problem at CGC. If they miss this what else do they miss. This is along with there normal hack and slash treatment of slabs and comics. What is the point of grading if it's inaccurate and wrecks comics. Hopefully this will bring back the none label chaser part of the hobby for raw dogging. It will be interesting to see there PR spin on this debacle.
  10. "Purpose of grading services CGC's primary service is to provide a reliable, consistent, and non-partial comic books grading and authentication, which can greatly mitigate all these challenges and pitfalls that are inherent with comic book collecting." I guess there "mission statement" must be optional at this point. Damaging and partaking in known or unknown chicanery with peoples treasures. By default they are promoting more 'raw dogging" then slabbing, in my mind actually a good trend.
  11. This any many other reasons are why people don't buy from Metropolis. Hopefully you purchased cgc graded comics or you might have a second issue with there famous raw grading. Kind of a "good enough gang" mentality. I sincerely hope you are able to get this rectified.
  12. Please dont take just this from this thread. The review of your product compared to Gerber should be what you are concentrating on. The review is correct and this market is probably yours to win or at least put a big dent in if you you make some adjustments to your product.
  13. CGC qualifications...2 feet and a heartbeat. I was perusing my friends recent submissions got back some 9.6's and 9.8's but that was before encapsulation. Most look like the spine side was slightly folded to fit in the inner well. Unsellable unless you like ripping people off. I guess it's like the plumber's mantra. Bleep goes down hill. Pathetic "Were working on it".
  14. As a company CGC should be embarrassed. This is going past quality control into the pathetic realm. Sad.
  15. No I can't relate to you at all. And it's not about comics. And for that I am blessed.
  16. CGC please keep pushing people towards raw and self grading...With the advent of there "outstanding" cold press methods..Phenomenal consistent grading.. "World Class" Quality control. Not to mention there "Strategic" timing in a soft comic market and just overall Gougyness. Kudos CGC...Kudos