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  1. Action 47, Captain America 67, MMC 90 and Wings 90 and 91
  2. Kudos to nearmint and Spiderman-on-Tilt for some GA goodness shipped fast and secure. Thanks guys! (thumbs u
  3. kudos to bronzilla, lizards2, Darth Corgi, slabthistoo, lookwhoitis and divad for purchases and speedy pay, to ft88 for a nice book shipped fast and to HouseofComics.Com for a really nice trade.
  4. Loothy! You got some 'splainin' to do! no much to 'splain really, just an unholy amount of overtime at work. Got a few packages out today, the rest are going out tommorow. Again, sorry guys for the delayed shipping, certainly did not mean for it to go this far!
  5. Dude! That is an awesome Lois Lane And the Phantom Lady 13 is in my top 2 GGA books of all time Thank you - you obviously have excellent taste! (thumbs u
  6. That doesn't seem to fit in too well with the Holiday spirit. So I'd say no to that. We should work with a scalpel, not a blunt instrument. I think what goes around, comes around . . . Perhaps a seperate Christmas exchange banned list? Would make the same differance to me as I wouldn't want to do business with someone who didn't take the exchange seriously enough to follow through.
  7. I didn't pick up Warrior, so can't comment. Seems they can be found fairly cheap considering that they have the first appearances of Moore's Miracleman and V for Vendetta. Here's one of my prog 2's. Right edge cropped as 2000AD's are too wide for my scanner: Pretty lame cover artwork really! They get A LOT better as the series progresses By the way, if you happen across a prog 1208 (published as recently as August 2000) hold onto it. There was some sort of problem (some say a flood, some say poor distribution) causing it to be extremely rare. Sells for £20 or so. Nice book. There's a decent copy up on the bay now with the original stickers. Wish I had the dough for it now. I'll have to keep an eye out for the rare one as well. The copy up for sale now seems a bit pricey.
  8. Good info - thanks! As far as quality and popularity goes, how does Warrior compare to 2000AD?
  9. Can anyone tell me if there's any collectibility to this UK title and what I might expect to pay for issues, particularly the first few? I'd like to put a run together, especially of the Grant Morrison and Alan Moore issues.
  10. Did he say why? Is he unsatisfied with the condition? Does he just want to start over for the thrill of the hunt? Not an exact reason, but he made it sound like he missed the chase. I later made the faux pas of asking about the Double Action situation and haven't heard from him since.
  11. Staring over sounds a bit odd because 1) would be very expensive, and he likely have to pay a ton more for the serious issues 2) how much thrill is there in rebuying all the worthless issues again that just get slotted into the filing system? He should sell and buy up these crazy Church GA copies that keep hitting the market. His GA collection alone with all the rare promos and giveaways would be worth some serious coin. Yes, it sounds odd to me as well. It seems his collecting was a bit more OCD than enjoyment. I imagine he'd have to sell it off in chuncks over time as selling them all at once would probably exhaust the available cash in the hobby and he wouldn't realize maximum profits.
  12. I spoke to Ian via PM's at his forum a couple of months ago about his collection and not posting here anymore. He says he's seriously considering selling off the collection and starting again from scratch. That's an auction I'd love to see.
  13. Nice book (thumbs u I think this is the one I got outbid on by $25.00 on Clink this week I just submitted the bid thinking I'd get a large counteroffer. Was kind of surprised when they accepted.
  14. Now if I can just find a #4 in the 7.0-8.0 range at a reasonable price.
  15. Finally found a decent copy when I could afford it:
  16. First steps into OA: A study for a Cinemascope project and two pages of sketches that were traced over to make the final OA.
  17. Kudos to GACollectibles for a gorgeous Planet Comics 72!
  18. Huge kudos to aardvark88 for helping me attain a grail of mine!
  19. Kudos to Timmay for fast shipment of nice looking IM 55! (thumbs u
  20. Lowered the price on the MMC 10 and added a Phantom Lady 13(1)
  21. I have a fundraising thread with some books that might be of interest here.