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  1. I saw that. That was over $260 more then the last recorded cgc 9.4 sale of $737 on Feb of 2004.


    Well technically, I bought a HOM 174 for around $900 or so from greggy, so that's at least two in a row. That's still a good jump, but its warranted because it's increasingly being called a "key". In reality it has reprinted stories and no Cain-just a cool cover and being first in the new mystery format.


    and it has an Adam's involvement on the cover.

  2. and so Sal your point is............... confused-smiley-013.gif


    i dunno. maybe my point is that i just got Hawkman 12 CGC 8.0 with Murphy Anderson's sig on the first page.


    i'm not involved in this other stuff. is that okay with everybody?


    Sal....writing the blokes name on the first page yourself doesn't count. Just joking......the blue label makes it seem like it is not a signed book, plus I hate the inconsistency with the way CGC handles unverified sigs.


    Great book....great sig..... thumbsup2.gif

  3. some stuff today. Was going to submit the dragonlance book but tracey hickman dinged it while signing so sending in some others.



    Dragonlance Chronicles signed by Margaret Weis and Tracey Hickman




    Very nice pirate. I love weis and hickman. Currently reading the death gate cycle for about the millionth time. thumbsup2.gif

  4. I am glad that you have reconciled yourself with this scenario and have been able to rationalise the facts into "it was only a one off" and therefore he is good old Doug again. I can't do that same rationalisation........if he hadn't been caught mis appropriating funds would he have still been doing it? if he says he would press....why would I not believe he would do it to a pedigree book (i.e. so he has degrees of greed in that any book that isn't a pedigree he is more than willing to press up but a pedigree book is sacrosanct?) and on top of that he has been caught lying about the JIM (at least to one of the board members involved)........If I was to do an operational risk assessment on him I would have to rate him as a high risk.....


    I have tried to stay out of the debate as I am not really keen on mudslinging and to me there aren't any shades of grey either.


    He won't get anymore business from me.........

  5. Miss America #1 NM+

    I take it the Church copy, graded a mere 9.4 by CGC, which is currently up on Heritage's January Signature Auction, is not adequate?


    Tim...I have a watch bid on it (as well as on the 9.0) but I won't buy anymore slabs. mad.gif


    I own araich's restored #7.5 and I think it is just the most wonderful cover. I gave it to my wife and she has it on display in our bedroom. thumbsup2.gif

  6. In one of the Board's more historical great feats (back in the eBay vigilante days ala Rickdogg), Mushroom and I were contacted by the Boards (specifically Tomega) about fradulent auctions we bid on and won.


    (to those that don't follow, you know how every 1-2 days there is a discussion on some purported fradulent comic auction on ebay - well 3 years ago Mushroom and I were among 20 would-be buyers of HG SA books on ebay. the auctions were discussed at length for a week on these boards, until the auctions closed. the consensus was that the auctions were fradulent. tomega emailed us telling us so, and told us about the boards. of the 20 or so auction "winners", i believe only Mush and I ended up joining the boards...)


    Thus was the rustysstarwars saga.


    What he said.......... thumbsup2.gif

  7. Just thought I would share some thoughts sent to me from one of the two guys who bought the Jack Adler collection. The reason I have placed it here is that to me the important part of the collection relates to the BA DC Horror genre. Robert from keycomics (ebay id) has been supplying me for quite a while with stunning horror coloured covers, approval covers and production proofs. I know that I should be posting some of this stuff (like the signed Adams HOM #174) but work truly impacts on this and I just haven't got my scanner hooked up to my lap top. I will make a concerted effort to do this in the near future.


    I hope that you enjoy reading about this truly remarkable man.




    -----Original Message-----

    From: KEY COMICS [mailto:keycomics@hotmail.com]

    Sent: Tuesday, 24 August 2004 8:04 AM

    To: Billington, John

    Cc: jbill59@hotmail.com

    Subject: House Of Mystery: MORE SIGNATURES OBTAINED!


    Hi John,


    I went back to San Diego Comic-Con, and many noteworthy artists were

    present. The most exciting was none other than the reclusive JACK ADLER!

    Jack Adler was out of the public eye for a quarter century, before making

    his first ever convention appearance at this year, at the urgings of several

    concerned loved ones. (His beloved wife died recently, at 86 years.) I

    went by his designated "Pro Booth" in Artist Alley repeatedly, but never saw

    him there. (And I don't blame him, as that speedy electric

    scooter/wheelchair he drives would be difficult to navigate through the

    pandemonium of the massive half-million square-foot convention center

    exhibit hall, with it's countless frenzied fans packing the hundreds of

    bustling aisles!) He didn't sign anything after the Golden-Age And

    Silver-Age panel on Thursday, needing to get some food, mentioning his

    diabetes. Then on Friday I had the good fortune of getting to spend some

    time visiting with him and his friendly family, (including his son with his

    lovely wife, and his amiable Grandson, Jason.) He signed just a few pieces

    for me, then they had plans to go to the San Diego Zoo!


    He remembered doing this one: SUPERBOY #184 HAND-COLORED, (with a witch

    casting a spell, so Superboy can see his reflection in the mirror as an

    ancient decrepit senior-citizen Superman; To a cool "52-page bigger and

    better" early 1972 issue) Jack Adler himself has signed it by Superboy's

    foot, near the lower left corner! I would not expect to see any Adler sig's

    hitting the market. Ever. It was clear from talking to his relatives, this

    would likely be his lone final appearance as he is very elderly.


    It was absolutely awesome being able to talk to him about the

    stuff, and show him some of the actual pieces he painted. And he told some

    great stories. I wrote a little updated "biography" about Adler, which is

    more "fit for public consumption", which you may enjoy:


    Jack Adler was DC Comics' premiere colorist from the early '50's through the

    mid '80's, hiring and mentoring many budding young artists as head of the

    art department for much of his tenure. He graduated from high school at the

    age of fifteen, and quickly got a degree in fine art. He became proficient

    at sculpting, pencilling, inking, painting, and photography. He pioneered

    the washtone/graytone effect which became so popular on the DC "Big Five"

    war titles, which were so popular thirty to forty years ago! In addition, he

    inked hundreds of covers over several decades as well; such as dozens of

    G.I. Combat covers and the entire run of Sea Devils, for but a couple

    examples... (You'll also see his name on the front cover of Plop #18, which

    he did with Basil Wolverton!) Moreover, he also developed the "3-D" process

    used on the Batman 3-D and Superman 3-D comics in 1953; --so we're talking

    about a major contributor to DC history! A couple weeks ago, the living

    legend himself, Jack Adler, (thought by many in the industry to have passed

    away years ago), at the urgings of his kind family, made his very first

    public appearance, at the San Diego Comic-Con! He was honored Thursday

    afternoon with the Inkpot Award For Excellence for Outstanding Achievement

    In Comic Art, and a rousing standing ovation from the many onlookers at the

    panel of Golden-Age and Silver-Age Greats, hosted by Mark Evanier (of

    course!) Besides just Mr. Adler, other noteworthy members on the

    entertaining and informative panel were Tom Gill, Sid Jacobson, Gene Colan,

    Frank Springer, Harry Harrison, and Frank Bolle. On Friday at the Comic

    Con, there was a one-on-one panel, with just Mark Evanier and Jack Adler,

    titled "Spotlight On Jack Adler", and many questions were answered for the

    crowd of audience members, who were kept entertained by the charismatic and

    respected living legend. It is amazing how many great names were hired on

    or got their start in the industry by him! He also explained how he

    invented the 3-D image technology popularly used in Viewmasters, but was

    unable to get the deserved patent, as the film itself had been patented,

    (but not in a similar 3D format, so he got burned, as viewmaster was able to

    capitalize on his invention freely!) Plus, the method that made integrating

    photo cover and line-drawn cover art easily into a single cover image was

    also pioneered by this influential innovator. (The technology was supposed

    to be kept a secret, but was leaked immediately by a DC exec!) Julius

    Shwartz had told him "don't tell me about it, just do it", and when it

    worked, it worked, and was immediately utilized, as the articulate and

    charming Adler related. As an accomplished photographer, he created covers

    using photographs he had taken of his own grandchildren, producing his own

    copies of Shazam #2 and #6, which were displayed on an overhead projector to

    the glee of many enthralled listeners! The picture of Captain Marvel,

    sitting reading to the innocent youths, was actually of Jack Adler reading

    to his grandkids. (These same grandkids were present at the panel, and

    turned out to be pleasant, gracious, and kind adults!) Moreover, he highly

    touted the art skills of good friends Neal Adams and Joe Kubert, (relating

    entertaining stories, of course!) He helped Kubert set up his now legendary

    School Of Comic Book Art. Once the school was set up, he was supposed to

    head the school, but had to back out, as he couldn't bring himself to move

    to New Jersey! You could write a book on the contributions Mr. Adler has

    made to the medium many of us know and love! (An interesting side note is

    that he is shock-jock Howard Stern's cousin!)


    I spoke with Neal Adams quite a bit at the Con, and he was so excited about

    Adler being there! Moreover, he had many complimentary things to say about

    the long reclusive Jack Adler, including repeating that "he was the only

    artist in the DC front office that was worth a $#!T"!, and that he would get

    furious any time the DC exec's would permit anyone but Jack to work on one

    of his covers, and even tore up a cover or two because Sol or Carmine had

    allowed a "hack" to color his art; He insisted they only assign Jack Adler

    himself to color his cover art! He enjoyed seeing some of these covers from

    the "DC Archives", long treasured and preserved by Adler, including some of

    the exact ones you requested, which he signed, which would sometimes remind

    him of some pretty colorful and entertaining tales of their adventures back

    in the day. Apparently, artistically Adams and Adler were often on the same

    page, so to speak, and could collaborate effectively, as each could work off

    of what the other had in mind; A skill which apparently eluded most of

    Adler's contemporaries. Neal Adams got a real treat last month, getting to

    be reunited with his old buddy Jack Adler, (who also spoke very highly of

    the skills of Mr. Adams!)


    Best Regards,


    Robert Letscher II


    1318 N Emerson

    Mesa, AZ 85201



    Ebay ID: keycomics

  8. No doubt House of Mystery 174 paved the way for the resurgence of mystery books. I do however have no informaiton surrounding the Infantino/Adams collaboration on the 174 cover...any information from the collective would be very interesting...


    This has been discussed before, and the conclusion was no Adams. However, it looks suspiciously like Adams to me. 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


    If it was not Adams then why would he have personally signed the cover.... cloud9.gif


    You guys might have discussed and dismissed but obviously adams believed he worked on it.

  9. Having just finished perusing Shiver's site (great work) I just thought that I would relate a piece of trivia that I was told by a dealer I buy off. For those who don't know, I collect cover art and my favourite art is the DC Horror from the Adler collection. A month ago I bought the approval cover to HOM #174 and was very surprised when I received the following from the dealer....


    "House Of Mystery #174 Approval Cover SIGNED IN SILVER BY NEAL ADAMS. This 1968 issue is the momentous moment that kicked off the horror revival for

    DC, opening the door for House Of Secrets to start back up, and in the new

    horror format, the following year, with issue #81, and leading to horror in

    Unexpected, and eventually Witching Hour, Beware, Sinister House, and all

    the others! Mr. Adams related how he and Infantino worked together, at the

    same time, developing this cover, and it had all listeners in awe. (In

    addition: The classic image was later modified & re-colored and used for the

    front cover of DC Limited Collector's Edition #C-23, a huge horror treasury

    edition.) This landmark cover has long been credited just to Infantino, as

    such it is way undervalued, at least until it becomes more recognized for

    also being Adams! "


    What do you guys think?