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  1. OK.....here is my kudos list. Unlike others who apologise for missing people off of their lists.....if you are not on my list and we did business then I wasn't happy with the deal.


    Araich - Great books that will never be for sale. The wife loved the Miss America which I gave her for Christmas. Packages a treat....willing to talk about the books and delivers on time and on budget.


    Joanna - I must own nearly 30 of your books.....you turned me on to Lois Lane and Wonderwoman and for that I will be eternally grateful (my favourites though are the teen titans I bought and the production proofs). As a seller you have few equals.


    AlexH - I still don't buy the price differential between SS books and other reputable sig suppliers but man you get me some books that are really nice with signatures that I otherwise would have no hope of obtaining. You also provide service par excellence.


    Gman - Got the books yesterday. Unbelievable service. That Bugs showtime file copy is as fine a book as I own.


    Dam60 - I have only bought one book from you (Great Ra's book for the price)..but you get my kudos for being the nicest guy on the boards and for doing me so many favours. Plus you collect Batman.


    Nesta - two great production art pieces. The three mouseketeers is a particular favourite. Your luck in finding them was definitely my gain. As with all the rest your service was top class.


    Bronzebruce - Your grading is spot on. If I collected more Marvel then you and I would definitely be doing much more business.


    Lighthouse - We have only had one deal...which of course went extremely smoothly...when I get some time I will contact you about getting a regular new issue delivery form you.


    Titan777 - I would buy from you again.


    Dr Banner - That Terrors of the jungle was a great buy. I was just looking at it again last weekend.


    Wolvergeek - I loved the Joes and the service was brilliant.


    Darthdiesel - I am not big on Marvels as you know but those Hulks were spot on graded and I read them cover to cover. First class service as well.


    Being on these boards has certainly enhanced my collection as well as adding to my knowledge. Thanks to you all.







  2. Your summation's I believe are correct. I don't count inks as an original Batman cover. As you say the Batman bears no resemblance to his style.


    I will go with the B&B #75. So let's push that book as much as we can so that all my B&B's raise in price. thumbsup2.gif

  3. The reserves seem ludicrously high...as you know GA CGC'd books are not usually held to the multiple of guide syndromes of the SA and BA. The average man in the street looking at the heritage auctions probably thinks that the bulk of the books have been bid up that high, little realising that they are reserved prices that IMHO will not be met.


    It will be interesting to see what is up for grabs after the auction is over.

  4. I bid on almost 30 GA books at the heritage auction....at present I am winning on two. All my bids were above guide and were for books across all grades...here is my 2 cents worth on what I think is happening with GA.


    Of the 29 books I bid on:


    The two I am winning are both GG books at 6.5. My view is that the F/VF market is very soft.


    25 of the books were hit by the dreaded Heritage bump. As an example of how way out GA sellers expectations are I site 4680 Thrilling #62 in 9.4 Cream pages. I was the highest bidder before the bump....and now it is at more than 35 % of my high price which was way above OS. I doubt that this book will sell.


    2 of the books have very serious bidders. The first of these is 4259 The Comics #11 7.5 Mile High. It goes without saying why this book is bucking the trend. I still think it is a crazy price but those mile highs attract huge premiums. (Sweet book though). The other I won't talk about because I may still shoot for it.


    It amazes me that a lot of the restored books have such high bumps on them.


    I am not bullish about GA at this time.. no one will currently sell at what the market will bare because they do not want to lose their investment and so will not lower their reserves which makes it very hard to get your hands on the books that you want.



  5. Mushroom, do you collect OLD pinball machines? I've always wanted an ASM pinball machine but simply have no idea where to look to find one. frown.gif




    Hey Brian I just thought of another option for you......In Australia (Carter's) and the UK (Miller's) an antique guide gets issued yearly (I am sure the states must have something similar). What you can do is look up pinball or amusement machines and contact the dealers who display items. I have picked up a couple of machines this way. In general the dealers who list items in these guides concentrate on that particular genre.


  6. I will take whatever I can get. So long as they fit one of three criteria.


    Sporting theme,

    Superhero theme, or

    One I played when I was wasting my life away in the bowling alley.


    Earliest one I own is a Gottlieb Baseball theme (1963) The back panel uses a cubs uniform layout.


    Most recent is a Batman Returns.


    There is a great book on pinball machines that I picked up in Hong Kong that was put together by a couple of German enthusiasts. Don't remember the title but I can get the info if you would like.


    In general (where I come from anyway) the best people to deal with are those people who lease vending machines for a living. They tend to know when and where auctions are being held for all ages of machines, they have access to a lot of amusement centre liquidations and they generally have the expertise to service them on an ongoing basis.


    I have a single contact (unbelieveably small markups and finders fees) who carries my want list with him. If he finds something he will send me scans by email and I either say yes or no.


    I currently have 14 machines and I find that my two young boys would rather play them than play with a game boy (go figure). Must be the whole noise and visual thing.

  7. Everything and anything, but in no particular order (nor being exhaustive):


    Early 20th century Australian watercolours

    Australian oil paintings

    Kerosene banquet lamps

    Vinyl albums

    Sports memorabilia (game used, autos etc. Particularly baseball (Brooklyn Dodgers), Cricket, Rugby, Clemson)

    Pinball machines

    Cigarette cards