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  1. I agree, the black plastic bins for graded comics are great. I just wish they made them for graded magazines too!
  2. Back in 2020 or 2021 I had one order of about 20 books I sent in for pressing and grading that took about a year. Lead times were very long so I waited approximately 6-8 months before I ever called to check on them. They could not find them but assured me they would turn up. I kept calling every couple of weeks for an update and what do you know they found them. They had been accidentally sent back to pressing for a second time. They rushed them through grading after that and the story had a happy ending. The nice lady in CS even told me all my grades over the phone before they were posted online ("I'm not supposed to do this but you have waited so long and been so patient..."). I hope you dont have to wait a year but I think you will get them back eventually. Good luck!
  3. Not sure why he decided to sketch a spider on a Spawn book, but I still think it’s cool
  4. I don't have all of my books back, but of the 20 I have received only 4 came back with the full name signature Just curious - would like to know from anyone willing to respond: 1. How many books did you send in for TM to sign? 2. How many came back with full name "Todd McFarlane" signature vs how many came back with "T. McFarlane" ?
  5. I was wondering the same thing. He needs to sign all books the same way. Last CGC signing some got the full name signature while many others only got the "T. McFarlane sig. I don't really want a special CGC "Todd McFarlane" yellow label with a "T. McFarlane" signature. Hey maybe that is what the extra $40 is for this time around - the extra ink for 3 more letters.
  6. Another bulk order to report: UPS delivered to CSG: 1/14 CSG Received: 1/20 Grading/Encapsulation/Imaging: 2/07 Quality Control/Finalized: 2/16 (Heart skips a beat) Grading/Encapsulation/Imaging: 2/17 (Ugh!! Back to G/E/I ?? What the heck?!) Grading/Quality Control: 2/18 Shipped: 2/18 This bulk order was only 90 cards. I have another bulk order of 275 cards delivered on same day that is still in G/E/I
  7. Please add slots for ALL the cards in the 1961-62 Fleer Basketball set
  8. Another Economy submission out the door. Shipped today (2/7) It was received on 1/27. That's 6 business days and 10 total days. Awesome turnaround, yet also a little weird since my Standard submission from 1/20 is still in G/E/I.
  9. How long do submissions generally sit in the "Grading/Quality Control" status. Until recently my usual experience has been that they last only a day or two before it changes to "Shipped" I have seen it enter "Grading/Quality Control" in the morning and by afternoon change to "Shipped" With that said, I now have 5 submissions that are in "Grading/Quality Control" and have been in there for about 3 weeks. Is this the new normal or a cause for concern? Thanks!
  10. How about this... Standard submission received 1/20 Economy submission received 1/20 The ECONOMY submission shipped 1/28. That's right. 60 day lead time and it shipped in 8 days. The Standard submission is still in G/E/I. Not sure how my Economy order jumped ahead of the Standard but not complaining.
  11. Was just wondering if you ever did anything with your Jordan rookie like send it to another grading service? I had the same issue you did with my Jordan rookie. You responded to my post from April 2021 in another thread. I was devastated to put it mildly when my card came back EV/trimmed. It was the exact same size as all my other 86 Fleer cards. I stewed over it for a few months then decided what the hell and sent it to SGC. Guess what, it came back graded a 8. Then I sent it to PSA for a crossover grade and they also gave it a 8. You may want to try another grading service as a "2nd opinion" instead of waiting for CSG to grade it as just Authentic. Just a suggestion. Anyway, would love to hear any updates on the card if you resubmit it somewhere.
  12. Anybody ever had a signature on a book that was NOT supposed to be there? As in, you submit for a particular signing and get the book back with someone else's signature that you did not ask or pay for?
  13. 1) Day CSG received your order in the mail - 3 Bulk Submissions all delivered 6/25/21 - All 3 Received by CSG on 9/13/21 2) Day the same order went into grading - 2 of the bulk submissions went to G/E/I 12/13/21 the 3rd submission just went to G/E/I 12/27/21 3) Day the same order moved to Finalization - TBD 4) Day the same order was shipped - TBD
  14. Sold my 5.0 a while back and regretted it. Couldn’t pass up this one. And it went for less than I thought it would.
  15. I just checked my tracking number again and it appears they found the package, It is on the way and scheduled to be delivered 8/26. Hallelujah!
  16. I also was told there was an investigation being done by shipping and to give them 10 days and to call back on 9/2.
  17. I have two submissions that have been in G/E/I for three weeks. This past week another submission that was received a month after those two submissions entered "Grading/Quality Control" and shipped out a day later. Not a fast track submission either. Not complaining, but it is a head scratcher.
  18. I've got the same concerns. Wanting to send in some 61-62 Fleer basketball and some 70's football cards.