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  1. Unfortunately I only have cover pics, and these were pre P&C. I know there are so many things that can happen in the pages, back cover and during P&C. I’ll have to look when they get back, just don’t remember seeing any staining/foxing. I appreciate all of the input, especially with me providing so little info. Thank you all so much for your time. @The Lions Den @KCOComics @comicginger1789 @Sauce Dog @zzutak
  2. Funny, I have a Batman 423 with 3 spine tics that just got a 9.0. Maybe they read your post and went to the other extreme
  3. Cap 7.0, Hulk 162 7.0, Hulk 156 6.5 According to grading notes : Cap is a 8.5-8.0, Hulk 162 is a 7.5 (maybe 8.0) and Hulk 156 is a 8.5-8.0 None of my books note a major defect (all moderate), so 7.0 and 6.5 should not even be in play, according to grading chart. I know they have the accumulation of small to CTA on all grades. And I would be willing to even be reasonable and say I could see how the 162 got a 7.0 since it has a moderate and 2 light. Not to mention a Batman 423 Newsstand that has 3 spine tics, that got a 9.0 Why is consistency lacking? I know there are a bunch of new graders and maybe they are being tough trying to prove themselves, but there should be some checks and balances. Does QA look at notes to make sure that notes match the grade? Are there people watching/working with the new graders? Is there an appeal process for things that I have shown? Would (should) I have to pay, since I actually have tangible proof (grader notes and CGC grade scale) of my claims?
  4. If turnaround times are reflective of when a package is delivered to the facility, My turnaround time was just over 60 days, when my package was delivered to the facility on 5/17. (a couple of cards were 45 days due to service level difference) So according to that, my cards should be on their way back (give or take) by 7/17 (higher tier should be coming back tomorrow). Only problem, is that my cards are not even opened yet or scheduled for grading; so I do not see that being even close to happening. I manage a very sizable business (also been an ops manager for 20+ years) and understand what it is like to be behind and overwhelmed, especially in the warehouse. BUT there is a large amount of inefficiency happening if you are 3 months behind in opening packages, when your grading service just started in Feb (4 months ago). Not bashing, just stating Speaking out of the other side of my mouth, grading is a luxury and none of us are going to die if we don't get our cards back. So we need to practice patience... We just would like to have REAL estimates of how long it is going to take, which should not be hard if you have SOP vs volume. Even if the news is bad, be honest. People would rather hear that and you are going to take 6 months to get them back their cards and get them on 5 months and 29 days; than hear 45 day turnarounds and have to follow up on their cards 60 days later. That is business management and operational accountability.
  5. Think I got a good deal, the other one ebay sold for $2500 raw. So as long as mine doesn’t show up trashed, I saved myself a couple bucks. Prob send to CBCS just for protection. Hate the green label.
  6. Figured I did pretty decent, there is a near identical one up on eBay for 1270 w/ 2-1/2 days left. Guy said that one (1270) was a 9.8 that was cracked to get a signature. Not sure it was or not, looks like two color breaks on spine it me, but maybe not. Not sure how those grade out.
  7. I figured it would be tough, but I know there are much more experienced eyes than mine. Just more so was checking to see if there was something I missed, and if gambling at that price seemed worth it
  8. Super new to this, so I am just guessing (to preface) 7.5-8.0 OW pages. Want to see others feedback and learn. Nice comic! TY for posting
  9. Thank you all very much, EXTREMELY new to grading. Have no idea what big vs small defects are. Sent in my ASM 129, and now I’m hooked!
  10. Found this and only had the cover pics to go off of. Anyone see anything? Looked clean to me. W/ Sig and sub $600 price tag, had to take the shot. Listed as high grade.
  11. I am interested in this raw copy of NM98, and this is the only flaw I can find. Rear cover, lower page side. Does this still have a chance at 9.6?
  12. I have a Spider-Man 129 that I have had for years, and recently have considered getting it graded. It is in fairly nice shape, but I just noticed a surface crease with no color loss. Just wondering what I would be looking at top grade wise, and if it is even worth it. Thank you all in advance for your thoughts comments and opinions!