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  1. That is a color breaking crease. Do you have scans of this before you sent it in?
  2. Wait until the part where they tell you they watched the footage of employees handling your book and since they don't see where they F'd it up tough sheet.
  3. I just got some books back from CGC and one had a piece of debris in it. I could not slip a piece of paper in from the bottom to fish out the debris. The top and bottom edges are now sealed like the sides.
  4. Use the hammer to break the top edge by the label.
  5. Doesn't look pressed to me. This bend on the edge of the front cover is visible in the heritage scans and the zaneglor scans and would have been removed if pressed.
  6. 9.6 would be beyond a gift grade on that book. Very easy for the CGC to verify if it was reholdered and "missing the MJ insert" on the label.
  7. No it was a private sale this summer. Shipped to a P.O Box in Kew Gardens NY and part of the name he used is part of one of the ebay ID's. It's him.
  8. A couple of 5 figure complaints here will get the ball rolling.
  9. I just looked at some books I got back. It appears they are folding the label in the wrong spot causing too much at the top.
  10. You might want to call and ask because all of my winnings from the past few years have been shipped USPS.
  11. Four ME's returned to me today, all four going back. Scratches on the cases and debris inside. Perhaps some pride in one's work would go a long way to fixing the problem instead of phoning it in.
  12. This is correct. The automatic payment is relatively NEW and cannot be opted out of as a buyer or seller.
  13. Exactly. I sell three cheap raw books via best offer EVEN THOUGH I HAVE COMBINED SHIPPING SET UP for 50 cents extra per book the buyer will pay full shipping on each book. Each transaction will be a separate charge, and I will get charged 30 cents for each one. And then I will have to issue two separate refunds for the shipping. And no you can't opt out as a buyer or seller, i already asked. Nickel and diming at it's finest.